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Found 8 results

  1. October 2019 Hi Musers, Anyone in Glasgow (Scotland) or surrounding area looking to collaborate and make some music? Wanted! Drummer, Bassist, keys/2nd guitarist (any backing vox a huge bonus!) aged between about 20-30, any gender welcome. [I’m not long 27 for a guide] I’m a guitarist and vocalist looking to write, record and gig. Had a couple of projects that started up and never went anywhere, so looking for like minded folk to make some music with. Have a bunch of songs partially written, loads of lyrics and ideas and som TASTY riffs! I’ve written and recorded an original song last winter (yet to be released) that’s got a bit of a Musey feel to it at points, certainly inspired by them and many other bands. It’s not a Muse cover or tribute band I’m looking to start, but would never say no to jamming out some of their songs. Looking forward to getting back into the rehearsal studios. If you fit the criteria and are looking for something similar, or know someone that you think would fit, please do get in touch! I don’t always get emails for the forum, so if I don’t reply within a few days - send me an email at andrewp.lennon@hotmail.com or we can try connect on social media! Thanks for reading A Supermassive Pwoper Muser Andrew
  2. Hey Guys! My band, JEKYLL, are often compared to Showbiz - Origin of Symmetry era MUSE. Here is our new single/video, MANIA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHas62SKvag Let me know what you guys make of it! We have other videos on our youtube channel that you'll enjoy too! Much love xx
  3. Hey guys! My band, Jekyll, are often compared to Showbiz - Origin of Symmetry era MUSE. Here is our new single, MANIA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHas62SKvag Please let me know what you make of it! Much love xx
  4. Hello Muser's, I've just released my first song ever and I feel like a lot of you here would like it. My style is heavily influenced by Muse, but electronic style with a carnivalesque flare. You can listen and download to it here: https://mewsique.bandcamp.com/track/tinkerbox Thank you in advance
  5. I was at the Munich concert and since then have been plagued by a song that was played as background music before the concert started. I know the song but cannot think of its name or where I have heard it before. I hope someone can help me! It was played about 15 minutes before the support group started (so at around 19:30). It was an instrumental, quite upbeat, but with interludes of strings playing an unconventional/unexpected chord progression, slightly reminiscent of the strings chord progression in "The Hanging Tree". The song in fact finished with this strings chord progression. I'm hoping that the pre-concert music is mostly the same from concert to concert, so perhaps someone out there can alleviate my frustration. Indeed, there are still plenty of concerts coming up, so perhaps someone who reads this before going to one of the future concerts could then give an extra listen. Thanks! Steve
  6. Hey, this is my first time posting a song here. I love Muse and I feel like they influence my music a lot. Would love to know what you think. Thanks
  7. I thought I would go ahead and post a song or two on here and see what kind of response I get. If you would like me to check out your music or art or whatever creative thing you do, just reply here and I will check it out as long as you post something specific about my song(s) to let me know you checked my stuff out first. Thanks! Here is a song I write please check it out and comment:
  8. Hello forum! I want to share with you a music video I made for Exogenesis Symphony, which is a compilation of great sci-fi movies! Here is the video: It took me about 2 months to complete it and I think you'll like it!
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