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  1. annual visit to board, [insert words about how you're amazing etc]

  2. I did become queen of the muse board though, swings and roundabouts!

  3. you left and so did everyone else!

  4. what happened here?! 300 active users wat


    there was like 10k when i was last around, coincidence?

  5. Heya, I love the Drones album so much, especially after I heard the story behind it from Matthew. That story combined with my own Interpretation ended in an big creative project. I illustrated the story and afterwards I decided to make a special Drones album for myself. I shared it with people/fans and they really like it. I then made a presentation for it on behance and shared that on Facebook. My mail is going crazy about people loving that project. I thought to share it here with the hardcore Musers. I read that Favart was not allowed so I wanted to ask you first.


    This is a link to the project so you can judge it first.



  6. I am awful but it's mainly because you're the only person I still use the board to talk to anymore :LOL:


    You're more than welcome to visit any time! I go back down south in February to resume general university related ongoings (nb: not actually attending uni) and I'll probably stay down there for a wee while yet. I also am in the middle of nowhere, it's so fucking boring being home :'( at least you're getting experience I guess, are you doing SLT related work?

  7. You're awful! Maybe we should take this to facebook instead!

    well donnnneeee!!! Except forget all the fun next year, you'll need to achieve moar things and be the bestest :p When can I come visit and see hobbits?

    Life is okay I guess, I'm done with uni and am back home in the middle of nowhere. I'm not licensed yet so I work 5 days a week for experience rather than money. So poor :'(

  8. (sorry I am doing my tri-monthly log in to the board)


    I got through my (second) first year of uni! This time I didn't fuck around and actually achieved things :LOL: passed everything and now I'm back home for the summer, looking forward to next year where I can have all the fun :awesome: I'll be student flatting, but in NZ it's not quite so...well, awful haha


    How is life etc etc??

  9. No we haven't! I saw pictures of you fly by on facebook and you looked like you were enjoying yourself quite a bit! Placement was good, Newbury was awful. Have you been doing anything other than being THE PARTY MAN?

  10. HEY


    I don't think we've spoken since I left you in Ghent :LOL: how was/is the placement in Newbury? I apologise for my general absence from life/anything internet related but uni has been a little bit of a rollercoaster in a good way haha. I am a bit far from returning to the board in any capacity but the thought is always nice

  11. I wasn't gonna answer and give them impression I'm on this site 24/7 but we all know better than that.


  12. Surprise surprise, I'm not dead

  13. And I always enjoy your face <3

  14. it's ok sammy I enjoyed your messages

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