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    Radiohead,Pink Floyd,A Perfect Circle, Stone Sour,The White Stripes,The Deftones,Mudvayne,Cake,Sublime,Social Distortion,Rise Against,Nirvana,Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, 311,Shinedown, CKY,HIM,Black Label Society,Chevelle,Weezer,Tool,Bullet For My Valentine, Foo Fighters, NIN exc
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    Fight Club, American Pyscho,Trainspotting,The Boondock Saints,Requiem For A Dream,Joe Dirt, Seven,12 Monkeys,exc
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    Music channels,t.v. is full of sh##
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    Alex Grey ,different religions, science
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    As much as I can possibly find.
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    Within 100 miles or so
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  1. Hey thanks. Happy New year to you as well. Hope its been going good.

  2. Good to hear from ya. Hope all is well. Cheers

  3. Yep, I just keep entering and re-emerging. Crazy to think that so many people from back in the day aren't active anymore.

  4. I'm doing good! How have you been? Haven't talked to you in a while! :)

  5. hey. how have u been fellow muser. glad go see u still stickn with us how's life?

  6. You're welcome and thanks.:)

  7. thanks. happy new year back at ya. be safe

  8. I do the same. just like to hideout

  9. So good I didn't come out for five years. :3

  10. Happy b-day!!

  11. What about you?

  12. Hey you Life's beeing good.

    to much work recently. But everything is fine :)


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