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Found 9 results

  1. I went to wicksteed park today website here and whilst i was on the 'astroglide' i could hear all of absolution being played in the 'laser tag arena'......twas great!!!! lol ...i have also heard apocalypse please being played in Topman/Topshop in peterborough .....so that leads me to the question: 'Where have YOU heard muse being played?"
  2. I had a very weird dream that Dom was playing Apocalypse Please for me on the piano, and he sucked! I just wanted to share that..
  3. As most of you are already well aware, Dom's birthday is on the 7th of December, the same day as the second Melbourne show.. Now, my organizational skills are appalling however I'm hoping this thread will draw some people who can help organize a happy birthday flashmob for Dom at the gig! I think this must happen.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6s2ZrXQV4g I'm surprised this hasn't been posted here already (unless it has in which case )
  5. ??? (Sorry if this is too random or someone else has already done it or something. I'm new and only just getting used to this)
  6. they don't give very much information but..... http://zildjian.com/Artists/H/Dominic-Howard
  7. I met the great Dom Howard at a Biffy Clyro show a few days ago. It was absolutely unexpected, instead of asking relevant questions I shook violently and rambled about... God knows what. He was amazing, very nice. Having been watching him from afar the last 10 years and never even imagined meeting him so I lost what little cool I might have ever had. So rather than regret my wasted opportunity of having a few questions answered I was hoping you could all put my mind to rest! 1. Why the lack of love for Showbiz on their last two tours? It's always been my favorite album, but unfortunately I didn't get the opportunity to see them live till 07', which was seemingly the end of them playing the songs live. Not even one song on the regular set list? The album is what made most of us fall in love with them, no love for their roots? 2. How much creative control do they have when it comes to picking the set list, and then switching it up at the shows. How spontaneous are random songs played live? And who decided to play them? Does their manager hand them a list and they play it, or does someone say "I feel like playing Bliss today, let's do it!". Or even in the moment, can one person just decide to switch up the list, or are they restricted to the list? 3. How much do they have to do with picking their openers? I saw them earlier in the year (NV, USA) and Silver Sun Pickups were their openers, whom I very much enjoyed watching. All their European supporters have been amazing. Now, I just sat through 4 shows cringing to the sound of Passion Pit. Seriously? Are they fans? Who decides these things!? The sounds are not remotely comparable, and the general feedback of everyone I talked at the shows, as well as my interpretation of the crowds reaction gave me the impression that others opinions were the same as mine. That's whats been eating at me! Hehe. Other random relevant questions at the time could have also been, What's your favorite Biffy Clyro song? How long have you been following the band? What's your favorite song to play live?
  8. Enough said.... Hmm...Do you think he is trying to impress Matt? EDIT: I am now going to photoshop a picture....I'll post it ASAP. EDIT 2: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I HAVE FINISHED THE PICTURE! XD
  9. Hi!! Dont know if there is any thread like this, but i made a search and it came up with no results, but then again it always comes up empty... Glastonbury was a pretty good and at the same time bad moment for Muse!! They usually say that was a great gig but it was also when Dom's father died from a heart attack! The purpose of this thread is to show Dom and the guys our support and that we are with them even if we can not attend the concert! And to all you lucky guys out there who are going make some noiz for me(please?! hehe) and mostly for DOM and his family!!! I love you Dom, be strong!!! Wish i could be there!!
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