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What Is Your Favourite Muse Album?  

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  1. 1. What Is Your Favourite Muse Album?

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There were a number of comments which I was surprised at, namely how many people dislike Absolution. So I thought this would be a good, albeit obvious thread to do.


At this time what do people think is the best Muse album and why?


I would advise not answering the poll until the "honeymoon period" has ended. However if you're confident you won't change your mind, feel free.


Also what's everyone's least favourite record?


Favourite: Absolution; I like the greater emphasis on chillout songs.

Least Favourite: Black Holes and Revelations; I don't like the production.

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1st: Origin of Symmetry. Riffs, riffs, BASS! PIANO! It has everything. I love it, my favourite album for personal reasons.

2nd: The Resistance: Like Origin, for me there isn't a song where I think "ewww". It has some of Muse's best material to date.

3rd: Absolution: Great album, feels too long sometimes though, and I don't like some songs (like Endlessly)

Tied 4th place: Showbiz and BH&R: Showbiz has Overdue on it, which is god-awful.

BH&R has SP on it, which is just as awful. Both have their strong and weak points. I like them both.

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I would say:

- Resistance

- Black Holes & Revelations

- Origin of Symmetry

- Absolution

- Showbiz


I actually thinkg BH&R is one of the best albums they made so far, some songs are a bit overhyped but I still like most of them better then Absolution / Showbiz songs.


OoS is a close third / shared second, but I find BH&R to be better imo.


As for Resistance, I think it's the best album they have made so far, none of the other albums ever drawed me in as much as Resistance did, I find every song truly epic and in my opinion there are almost no flaws at all.

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Even with the 'honeymoon' period, OoS is still my favourite. The battle for me is whether or not this album is better than Absolution




Atm I think it's:



The Resistance





But I dunno how long TR will stay above Abso.

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It's too early to include The Resistance. We should be looking at this in about a years time really. Who knows how it'll sound in a years time.


With that in mind I voted for Origin. It has everything you could ask for in a Muse album. Its energetic, dramatic, gritty, consistent, flowing and above all, epic. Some fans argue over the inclusion of Screenager and Feeling Good, but by changing either of them you nulify the heavy feel and you destroy the flow of the album.

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1. Absolution

2. OoS (though the top two change pretty often)

3. BH&R

4. Showbiz

5. The Resistance

I guess I'll go ahead and express my gripes with The Resistance, for what they're worth. First, I think a lot of the emotion has gone out of their music, which is why I think there are so many "I love Absolution and OoS" people (like myself). Also, I think there are a lot of jerky transitions between song parts. There was once a thread called "It's not a Muse song without..." and the answer was arpeggiated synths. I would say it's not a Muse song without an eighth-note build into the chorus (I say this only half-seriously, it's just something they do a lot). While the eighth-note build gets boring, they at least made smooth transitions that got you excited for the chorus. Not the case here. Next, the fun Muse-y chords that I personally loved have gone away. For example, the "Love is our resistance" part of Resistance could easily belong to some other band were it not for Matt's voice. I cannot say that about very many Muse songs. Which brings me to another point...where did the originality (or Muse-iness) go? Granted there is some really original stuff (USoE, Exogenesis), but for the most part...Another, Guiding Light. It's a reason in itself. Final little thing (though this one is small), Matt's vocal instincts have faded just the slightest bit (I'm going to have someone find me via IP address and kill me for that one). This is the first album that has parts that I thought could've been sung better. Just saying. Anyway, that's just sort of my reasoning. Sorry this is written like a high school paper. Also, I guess this is my first post, so...hello!

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