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  1. Fuck full time employment anyway! Though I may have to sell out for summer! You still following the journo dream?!

  2. Amii, yes I'm good. I'm working for the man. Full time employment isn't worth it. Become a crazy alcoholic, thats my advice. How's you?

  3. Long time no speak! Hope all is well!

  4. I really like Guiding Light. Like ALOT. I think the lyrics are brilliant and the use of sound is great. I don't like Invincible because the lyrics are impersonal and to me it sounds flat. I realise this is probably quite contrary to what most of you think; and it's even stranger given that both songs are kinda similar. But you're all stupid so nyea
  5. I personally wouldn't say. BHAR is a rock-pop transitional record (can't remember where but some AMAZING review noted that back in 2006), which is one reason why its so weak. Transitional records to to be.
  6. I totally ordered the limited edition signed muse thingy. There must have been some mix-up. I can haz free..i mean boxset i totally bought and am not lying?
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