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  1. hello




    the vid we made to promote the resistance..

    help to spread the link plz


  2. :musesign::musesign:Nice:musesign::musesign:
  3. Hi. I was just checking in before bed, so i can't talk.

    I'll be your friend though :)

  4. Reminds me of when i got my laptop. I wasn't home so they left it in our rubbermaid container by the door. They left a note on the door too, saying the package was there.
  5. It is terrible. I actually ripped my headphones off when that started! Of course i have this thing against french music to start with (Where i live it's almost all french music everywhere all the time, so i can't stand it any more). I'll listen to it again and try to see what you mean though.
  6. I didn't vote as i'm not sure. It's tight between OoS and BH&R Then come Absolution, Showbiz and The Resistance. No, i'm not a big fan of The Resistance, maybe it'll grow on me later, but as of now, i only really like five songs (Three of which are Exogenesis).
  7. If we did, there would be a link to a download. Patience.
  8. Yep. BC Just arrived yesterday, and yes, the prairies are boring (Thank goodness for iPod, Muse and Radiohead ). I'll be in the Okanagan area for pretty much the whole trip i think (Oh, but i think we're going up to Hundred Mile House, too). I'm currently in Penticton
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