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  1. So I take it that they won't be selling tickets for this show 'til next week? Been on standby with the F5 key at 9:59 am since yesterday
  2. Hi! Haha. Tagal ko nang di nagpopost. I got pre-owned copies of Random 1-8 and the Dead Star/In Your World EP from Fully Booked today. Iba talaga effect ng Muse sa akin. Kahit wala pang sweldo binili ko na agad. Can't help it. Hahaha!
  3. Belated happy birthday! :) Ah..30 minutes late. Hope you had a great one! :D

  4. Last year, I flew across the South China Sea from Manila to Singapore to see them live. Count me in!
  5. A friend and I got to meet Dom in Singapore during the after party at the Pan Pacific Hotel's Stereolab. My friend's cousin works for a local music magazine and was friends with one of the opening bands (who opened for Muse), and she helped us get inside. We had to wait at the VIP area of the club for a while, and it was kinda awkward because our unkempt post-gig selves were sticking out like sore thumbs and sipping water, while everyone else was dressed properly and huddled in groups. Finally Dom arrived along with Morgan, Tom and a bunch of friends and girls (!), and they sat at the table beside ours. I tried to contain my excitement, even though I was almost hyperventilating! I couldn't believe Dom was just four feet away from me. At first we tried to figure out how to approach their table. It was an exclusive area and we figured we didn't want them to be bothered by fans... until a couple of girls came up to their table and asked for a photo. We lined up behind them, but when they were done Dom didn't notice us and went back to their table. Shyly, I walked to where he was seated, stood behind him and tapped his back (!!!!!!), and finally we introduced ourselves and asked for a photo. We gave him one of these as a gag, with a tiny dedication underneath. We lifted the barrel in front of him and he laughed; it was cute. We waited for another hour for Matt or Chris, but they never arrived. It was awesome, though; getting to meet Dom, talk to him for a bit and give him a present! :D
  6. Befriend someone who knows someone from the production team, then contact them after the gig to know the details they should know where the after-party is. in my case I knew someone who was friends with the opening band (Saosin), and she led us there and got us inside.
  7. Crash the after-party. That's what I did
  8. Nakita ko yang banner na yan dati, last last month ata. I live near Cubao, and it's visible from the MRT along EDSA. Tinanggal na nga siya ngayon e, sayang, I was supposed to take a photo of it. Hahaha! Banner lang yan ng radio station. Those bands are not coming here anytime soon. I hate it when people spread the wrong information. >____>
  9. Does anybody else see the resemblance?
  10. Last night I dreamt I met Dom again during a gig, and then I asked him if he still remembered the present we gave him last February when we met him after a gig at a bar in Singapore (this really happened). Something like this: And then he said he didn't. I hope it isn't true!
  11. Kagabi napanaginipan ko pumunta ulit kami sa Muse concert sa Singapore nung mga kasama ko nung Muse concert. Ang labo nung itsura nung stage, kasi ang laki nung audience area tapos yung stage mismo medyo tago sa isang sulok. Nagsesetup pa sila nun. Sumingit ako papunta sa harap, tapos sumabit ako sa gilid ng stage, tapos tinawag ko si Dom, sinigaw ko yung pangalan nya. Lumabas siya. Nag-hi ako sa kanya. Tapos tinanong ko sa kanya kung natatandaan pa nya kami at yung barrel man na binigay namin. Sabi nya hindi na. Huhuhuhu sana naalala pa rin niya!
  12. Don't watch it, it's not worth your 150+/- pesos, trust me. I watched it last Wednesday with my parents so I didn't have to pay for it with my allowance. Hahaha! It was so dragging and terrible. The only interesting thing about it was the gay tension between Edward and Jacob while Jacob was topless in a tent with Edward and Bella. Neutron Star Collision was played during a graduation party at the Cullens' house. Bella was talking to some friends, then NSC came on and one friend exclaimed something like, "Oooh, let's dance! I love this song!" and then they went off to the floor to dance, then Bella walked away and bumped into Jacob (or was it Edward?), then they talked while the music played in the background.
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