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    I live in Scotland. Originally Welsh and most of my family live on Merseyside. I support Liverpool FC and like music very much. :))
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    Stirling Uni/Oban/Glasgow
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    Playing Drums, Writing Articles, Reading, Football, all sorts.
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    I work in a kitchen... Student soon though ;)
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    See Flixster (Therimboconnection)
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    Father Ted, Fawlty Towers, Blackadder, Mock the Week, History Channel, Sky/Setanta Football or whatever. Music!
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    I'll say authors/poets that's easier. CS Lewis, George Orwell, JRR Tokien, Joseph Kenealley, Seamus Heaney, William Butler Yeats and more.
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    Everything pretty much.
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  1. En promedio, la mayoría de las empresas tienen un índice de pago en virtud de 30 días prestamos urgentes con asnef, que es de 60 días después de la facturación, teniendo en cuenta un periodo actual de 30 días. La escala del índice de pago oscila entre 0 y 100 días de mora . 0 días vencidos significa que una empresa está pagando la totalidad de su cuenta a tiempo, mientras que los 100 días de mora muestra que una empresa paga su cuenta después de 91 días de mora o simplemente no paga y se considera irrecuperables por sus proveedores. En promedio, la mayoría de las empresas tienen un índice de pago en virtud de 30 días, que es de 60 días después de la facturación, teniendo en cuenta un periodo actual de 30 días. Las empresas con más de 30 días de retraso como un índice de pago comienzan a mostrar signos de dificultades, y en el caso de 91 días o más (121 días de retraso y más para el mismo período actual de 30 días), la cantidad adeudada se pone en el cuentas de cobro dudoso.

  2. La Dispute are fucking insane live. So are Title Fight.

  3. Origin >> Absolution >> BHAR >> The Resistance = Showbiz >> The 2nd Law
  4. Change? Matt's song writing has gone down the pan. Everything fresh, dynamic and exciting about Muse's music is gone. So, uh the opposite of that. The riffs are stale and unoriginal. Some more thought needs to go into them. Matt's vocals are completely ridiculous. Why are they so forced and contrived? His melodramatic howl has always split people but at least it used to be natural. I'd be more subtle. Muse could get away with making OTT symphonic rock but OTT electropop? It doesn't sound right. At all. As for the dubstep, which is gracefully kept to a minimum, it sounds like they've literally heard a few seconds of Skrillex and thought "feck it, we could do that." If they're gonna incorporate new influences, they need to invest themselves in that style of music, see what works from it and what doesn't. Instead they just plunged in without a paddle.
  5. The muse board is about the only place I've not seen it universally caned. Controversial, but I feel Muse should have quit while they're ahead. Everything just sounds like an embarrassing copy of something else - it's too hard to swallow anymore.
  6. Some slight over-reactions here (as per ) but I'm more convinced to at least check out the album now. There's a few faith-restoring glimpses, which is good.
  7. It's hard to get excited by new Muse music though. Anything that made them once truly distinctive has been swallowed up by the weight of their various 'influences'. Muse are good so why the hell are they being so bad?
  8. As I've said before, if you accept Muse as Muse are dead, it is easier to appreciate what they do now. When I hear Survival as a Queen song, any pre-conceptions I have go out in the window. It's just fun, camp, hilarious and shit. And I love it.
  9. Good article, but I like Muse. lol
  10. I have a theory that when bands reach a certain level, they lose all perspective of what makes music good. See Coldplay. See Muse. (:/)
  11. Nowt wrong with that! My whole life has been one long Smithsy phase, tbh.

  12. Yay! Forgot that was my av if I'm honest! I had a real Smithsy phase. :3

  13. Your av! :awesome: One of my favorite album covers of all time, for various reasons. :chuckle:

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