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    Gaming and Music fan from luton, England. Have been listening to Muse since 2001 and they are my all-time favourite band.
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    Showbiz, Origin of Symmetry, Hullabaloo, Hullabaloo Soundtrack, Absolution, Absolution Tour, Black Holes and Revelations, H.A.A.R.P.
  1. Liquid State sounds like the Foo Fighters to me. Not very original and not quite on par with the best of the Foo's either. Save Me has some nice guitar noises though.
  2. The sticker on my album says Madness, Panic Station and Follow Me, which is odd considering Survival was a single.
  3. I've got all the albums on the shelf now, in order, and i've just realised we're due another live album! Well, if the pattern of 2 studio albums for every live album, continues. I know i'm looking into the distant future, but that's me!
  4. It's between Explorers and Liquid State for me. The first is just a bit too weird for me and the latter is too generic. Sounds like something i've heard QOTSA and Foo Fighters each do better. Can't believe the lack of love for Unsustainable though. That's probably my favourite!
  5. Once the hype has died down a little, somebody should work on mixing up the tracks of the last three albums, coming up with 3 more musically consistent albums. There's room for a classical, pop and rock album, but instead we've had 3 albums that are all over the place.
  6. I think the quality of the previous album can have a great effect on it's follow-up, regardless of how much better, or worse, the following album may be. I also think it can impact the singles that go with that album as interest in the band will have faded somewhat. The Resistance isn't many people's favourite album and it's not quite as exciting or as surprising as Black Holes was, either. I'm doubting whether they'll top the album charts in the UK this time. 2nd or 3rd seems quite likely though.
  7. Does Jimmy Kane count? Sounds like they're ripping into some poor guy who was unfortunate enough to be named Jimmy by his parents. It's also an awful song, which demonstrates a complete lack of care for this character. Disgusting...
  8. Glorious is brilliant. One of my favourite Muse songs. Should have been on BH&R. I assume the difficulties of playing it live influenced such a decision in the end.
  9. Yeah, they've been one of my favourite bands for many years now. Can't get enough of them! :)

  10. Awesome! :D I love your walkthroughs/chitchat. And to learn that you like Muse as well. Just awesome! =D

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