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  1. Hi I have a few assorted singles and EPs which I'm looking to sell. Have had them for a while and they aren't doing anything so figure they'd be better with someone who can enjoy them. Would like to sell everything for £40 plus postage, but will consider all sensible offers. Full list below, all pictured in attachment. Random 1-8 New Born CD1 (slight damage) Supermassive Black Hole CD Supermassive Black Hole DVD Uprising CD Bliss CD1 Time Is Running Out CD Time Is Running Out DVD Plug In Baby CD1 Plug In Baby CD2 Sunburn CD1 Sunburn CD2 Hysteria DVD
  2. Sure, my PC broke earlier so I cant upload any better than mobile pics again but heres a few:
  3. Getting rid of some old releass gathering dust, all in very good condition (just a few tiny hairline scratches) as almost never used. Sunburn CD 1 Sunburn CD 2 Plug In Baby CD 1 Plug In Baby CD 2 Supermassive Blackhole CD Supermassive Blackhole DVD Bliss CD 1 Hysteria CD/DVD (the jewel case is cracked but booklet and disc are still good) Time Is Running Out CD Time Is Running Out DVD New Born CD 1 Uprising CD eBay is a rubbish guide of what stuff is worth (the TIRO DVD is listed once for over £60, I know it's not that much). Offers welcome via PM. Terrible phone camera picture for proofs: EDIT: I've also got various music magazines Muse are on the cover of/heavily featured in and a completely unused USOE flag if anyone is interested.
  4. I built the DIY camera! Lomography Konstruktor by Deano88s, on Flickr What a beauty! Could this page be any more contrasting in quality of cameras pictured
  5. I went to the zoo at the weekend and bought a telephoto lens just in time. Habitat by Deano88s, on Flickr Red Panda 2 by Deano88s, on Flickr Grooming by Deano88s, on Flickr Building by Deano88s, on Flickr Watching and learning by Deano88s, on Flickr Full set of 33: http://www.flickr.com/photos/deano_/sets/72157634325320427/with/9139127780/ Constructive criticism on just about anything is welcome...
  6. I bought this earlier, only £29! http://petapixel.com/2013/06/13/lomography-konstruktor-is-the-worlds-first-build-it-yourself-35mm-slr/ I doubt i'll be getting in to lomography long term, or very much at all, i'm really looking forward to building it and giving it a try though, should be fun! Hopefully delivery doesn't take too long.
  7. I love the reactions to the new theme. No, I was thinking just so long as you're the subject, anything goes. Even something along these lines that I found on Google where you can't even see the photographer's face. So was I, I wonder if we have roughly the same idea.
  8. I've been a bit stuck to think of a new theme but I think this would be fun... Self portraits/self shots. Shoot & PM your entry to Matthijs by June 30th. Voting after that.
  9. Thanks! Sorry for the delay, i've been struggling to think of something fun. I'll post it in the discussion thread in a minute.
  10. Go, go last-minute entry because I was too lazy to go out at night and find a location for various ideas I had! 3 seconds by Deano88s, on Flickr
  11. Well done Matt! Long exposure is FUN (my entries to the only 2 months i've entered so far were both long exposure ), so I will enter this one!
  12. Just got back from Rome a few days ago, beautiful Full set of 17:
  13. Thanks . Aw I wish i'd submitted that now, I overestimated how much of a negativw impact being out of focus has apparently.
  14. I love the colour in Lucy's, so I voted for that... and thanks to whoever voted for me so far
  15. Thanks! That wasy favourite content wise too, but it's out of focus (forgot to switch back to autofocus ) so I didn't submit it to the competition.
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