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  1. How I would have fixed the ST setlist: Intro Music Blockades Pressure Psycho Break it to Me Uprising Bliss Starlight Plug In Baby Isolated System+The Void The Dark Side Supermassive Black Hole Hysteria Thought Contagion Unsustainable Monty Jam Dig Down Sunburn Madness Mercy Time Is Running Out New Born + Head Up Riff Take a Bow Algorithm Stockholm Syndrome + Assassin/Reapers/The Handler/Micro Cuts riffs Knights of Cydonia
  2. My view from Cologne - weird. Not bad but very weird. The best songs were Plug in Baby and Hysteria. No weirdness like absailing ghost busters or zombie trumpeters, just well performed good songs
  3. It's more the choices they make than the number of songs. This is like The Resistance all over again
  4. I was hoping for The Void and Blockades to be added. Looks like a nice tequila break after Unsustainable...
  5. Algorithm on the ARD Bundesliga goal show
  6. Algorithm Map of the Problematique Hysteria Pressure Dead Inside Bliss Break it to Me The Handler Knights of Cydonia The Void (piano) Sunburn Isolated System New Born Supermassive Black Hole Animals Plug In Baby Time Is Running Out Blockades  The Dark Side Uprising Plug In Baby Take a Bow  Psycho Stockholm Syndrome
  7. If they had actually planned to do it rather than last minute changing the setlist
  8. Plus Exo-Politics was a mess
  9. That's why it was so low. It didn't flow or feel spontaneous, then they did the same thing a few days later but played more songs. The encore was great but the rest just dragged
  10. Hmmm: 1. Wembley Stadium Night 1 2007 2. Nottingham Arena 2003 3. Wembley Stadium Night 2 2010 4. V Festival 2004 5. Manchester Arena Night 1 2016 6. O2 Arena Assassin night 2016 7. Belfast 2015 8. O2 Arena Night 2 2009 9. Emirates Night 1 2013 10. Belfast 2017 11. Nottingham Arena 2006 12. Glastonbury 2010 13. O2 Arena Night 1 2009
  11. Mozza

    Best Album

    1. Origin of Symmetry (top 3 tracks: New Born, Bliss, Citizen Erased) 2. Absolution (Stockholm Syndrome, Hysteria, Ruled By Secrecy) 3. Black Holes and Revelations (Take a Bow, Map of the Problematique, Knights of Cydonia) 4. Drones (Dead Inside, Reapers, The Handler) 5. Showbiz (Sunburn, Muscle Museum, Showbiz) 6. Simulation Theory (Algorithm, Blockades, The Void) 7. The Resistance (Uprising, MK Ultra, Overture) 8. The 2nd Law (Supremacy, Animals, Isolated System)
  12. I saw the first performance of Reapers. I really thought Drones might be challenging Origin after seeing that gig. I like Dead Inside, don't mind Mercy so much but everything after The Handler disappointed me on Drones. Defector is ok, the first half of The Globalist interests me. I guess there's only 4 songs off the album I'm really that bothered about
  13. I don't think there has been a worse Muse song that was a staple on its album tour, and not only that, was then revived for the next one
  14. Stadium Set-Up Intro Noise (Unsustainable) Propaganda Map of the Problematique The Dark Side Bliss Dead Inside/Madness Psycho Break it to Me Citizen Erased Sunburn/United States of Eurasia Isolated System Unnatural Selection/New Born Hysteria/Time is Running Out Supermassive Black Hole Plug in Baby Pressure Muscle Museum/Showbiz Blockades Dig Down (acoustic) Something Human (acoustic) Nature_1/Shine (acoustic)/Map of Your Head Uprising Knights of Cydonia The Void Algorithm Stockholm Syndrome Take a Bow
  15. Where were the cheap seats? I went for seating but the 75€ ones
  16. Review in the Financial Times (of all places) https://www.ft.com/content/9c7d50cc-e1d9-11e8-a6e5-792428919cee
  17. I'll be trying for this even if it's on the other side of Germany
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