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  1. Not at all. Obviously ignoring the "PROPAGANDA" part, but the rest has a very Prince-vibe to it... I can't be the only one who can feel this?
  2. Can't believe nobody has mentioned how it has a massive Prince vibe to it.
  3. I've not logged in since we had the emails to choose our songs... holy shit, when did they add new songs like Space Dementia and Glorious!? What does this mean for those who submitted early before these songs were even added?
  4. Those complaining that they were given seated when they chose standing... check the wording of your email. If it refers to a Price Level, this is simply the level of pricing for that type of ticket. If you have been given seated I imagine they'd also tell you the row and seat numbers...
  5. I've been on the page since 8 and I only have the listing for tickets going on General Sale on Friday. Will a refresh at 9am update it and give me the option to try for pre-sale tickets?
  6. Block 111 Went to Ticketmaster at 8:55, tickets bought by 9:02. Easily the smoothest pre-sale I've ever experienced.
  7. Where do I actually get my pre-sale code from and how many tickets does it restrict me to?
  8. LOL, only just seen this! :p

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