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  1. I've been debating selling mine once they arrive, I really enjoyed watching the Glasto show (from the comfort of my bedroom) but it was the same old thing and when they choose to play stuff like Guiding Light it makes me think they've lost the plot, I didn't enjoy the U2 thing either. I think I just need a break from them.
  2. You would have thought splitting up with your long term girlfriend would have produced something quite dark and angsty, which would have been perfect for Twilight and may have been something I'd want to hear.
  3. I feel the same, I was hoping muse were going down an experimental road, it's not like I want them to rework old albums but and I have nothing against good commerical pop music but stuff like this just leaves me bored.
  4. Yeah I think it's shit, what are your thoughts?

  5. Still no news on support? Got quite excited watching youtube clips last week
  6. another nice comment about Muse http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/music/news/a211941/adam-lambert-muse-will-be-legendary.html
  7. If I have to sit through a load of shitty support acts again I may just sell my ticket.
  8. She has a rock band backing her up when she plays live......maybe you should lighten up
  9. That t-shirt is quite cool, what I want has the tentacles all tangled in to each other and it's symmetrical, it's kind of hard to explain!

  10. I think you are confused, I like the song I just don't think the video is fitting.
  11. Indeed, they need to sack whoever chooses what to do for videos or they could end up with this huge back catalogue of crap Yes Bliss was good and Time is Running Out.
  12. Muse videos never seem to work, I come to expect it now, I really don't understand why.
  13. oooh sounds fun, I always fancied seeing Muse in another country. I want to get an octopus tattoo, on my back, between my shoulders.

  14. I have indeed, lots of parties, cinema, snow and now I'm at work! Haven't got much happening in 2010 so far other than Muse and a comedy gig, really want Adam Lambert tickets when he comes over here and I'm getting a tattoo for my birthday. How's about you?

  15. I think most of their videos have done the songs no justice, they've been unlucky for some reason, though I did enjoy the Time is Running out video, that managed to remain uncheesey, Plug in Baby was pretty cool as well
  16. Adam Lambert? He could do some Muse covers as he's a big fan, plus I have a crush on him
  17. I had the album before Matt even mentioned her, to be honest I think Matt was having a laugh. Anyway she's worked with Marilyn Manson and has a proper band she plays with live so I wouldn't describe her as a typical mtv pop princess, she looks more like a drag queen to me
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