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  1. Madness is growing on me. Listened to it the other night - meh. Left it a few days. Came back to it. Canny. I think I'd stick it on a sex playlist, if I had such a thing.
  2. Christ they didn't waste any time announcing the second date, did they? I suppose this means they are viewing the Saturday gig as the main one for the more hardcore fans (as this is the one where all of the presale tickets went) with the Friday a second date to stop the touts supplying everything. Good idea, but I'm still glad I've got the Saturday ticket. Not mental enough to do both dates, that's just silly.
  3. What about the Russian Philhamnoic Orchestra? Then they can join Muse on stage to do the full Exogenesis - THAT would be awesome EDIT: Obviously that should be PHILHARMONIC
  4. Haha I love that the jokey suggestion of nDubz has actually made it onto this poll
  5. It's ethics as well as economics. But economics is the key part - the simple matter is that the touts only exist because people are willing to pay the extortionate prices. If everyone had a similar mindset to me, the touts would not exist as nobody would ever buy from them. I'd rather not go to the gig than pay £90 for a £45 ticket. I even know of someone who bought tickets for a gig (not Muse) and the tickets then sold out. One of his friends made him an offer above face value and he accepted the offer as he wasn't that fussed. I can see you have a grasp of economics so you'll know that it's just market forces in action again, just from the other side. Ticket agencies / bands can do all they like to stop this but the touts will always find a way. The photo ID idea is probably the only way to wipe it out, but it'll be so costly that everyone will end up paying even more inflated prices anyway, and defeat the point of it. Of course I'm purely focussing on the traditional touts outside of the gig venues. Then there's eBay. Part of me says they should point blank refuse to allow people to sell tickets for anything more than face value (+ service charge) and a reasonable delivery fee (i.e. no more than £5). Allowing people to list them with starting prices of over twice the face value is horrendous. But at the same time, how is a ticket for a gig any different to any other commodity? People sell CDs for more than they cost originally. People sell first editions of novels for more than they cost originally. Does the fact the tickets have a price physically printed on them actually make any difference? It still ultimately boils down to whether people (are stupid enough to) pay for the tickets at silly prices.
  6. Well good luck for tomorrow's presale. Hopefully it'll be easier than in the past now that all the fanboys hitting refresh every 0.5s have got their tickets and gone back to bed to hibernate for 10 months.
  7. Random 1-8 goes for £60??? Fuck me, I'll keep that in mind if ever I'm short on cash! I have a load of promo singles from OOS and earlier days, I wonder how much they'd fetch.
  8. Ultimately, the touts are extracting every last penny of revenue out of the market. The majority of people buy tickets at face value and obviously think it's worth it otherwise they wouldn't pay it. The touts come along and take advantage of those who are willing to pay even more, but missed out at the original sale. I wouldn't ever buy a ticket from a tout at twice the price of face value. But some people would - it's those morons who get over emotional about going to see three blokes piss about with guitars and shit that need their heads checking. £100 to see Muse? fuck me
  9. None of these schemes will ever work, simply because demand exists for the tickets - even at silly prices. The only way to stop touts is to not buy their tickets. No demand = no profits = touts on the dole.
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