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    I came here because of the treasure hunt (before it I was more of a casual fan) and didn't expect to stay, because I prefer LJ to message boards and band fandoms feel a bit weirder to me than TV show fandoms. Also somewhat bitchier. But fandom is fandom - it's interesting and so much fun, so I stayed.
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    Dresden, Germany
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    being a fan of TV shows, making layouts, Photoshopping
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    Wir sind Helden, ...
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    Sherlock, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Alias, Lost, The X-Files, Life on Mars (UK, of course), ...
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    Harry Potter
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    2009.09.07 Berlin, Admiralspalast
    2009.10.28 Hamburg, Color Line Arena
    half of 2009.10.29 Berlin, O2 World via phone
    2010.09.10 London, Wembley fucking Stadium
    2010.09.11 London, Wembley fucking Stadium <3
    2012.09.20. Cologne, E-Werk
    2012.12.15. Hamburg, O2 World
    2013.05.25. London, Emirates Stadium
    2013.05.26. London, Emirates Stadium
    2016.06.03. Berlin, Mercedes-Benz Arena
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  1. Sexy plaaaane! Shame I can't do these live (though on the other hand it's nice to have normal bedtimes). That stage is a bit dick-shaped, hahaha. Holy shit, a new B-side?! Pray sounds pretty. WTF were they thinking smooshing all the good stuff into a medley?! And right before KoC - brutal! That would be 15 minutes of nonstop action for me. x_x Hey, no insulting KoC! It's the funnest live song ever with 2 minutes of jumping at the end. ❤️
  2. I'm friends with some international Musers, but no Germans. But at least my sister should come back from Australia next year, so I'll have my best gig buddy back.
  3. I was all grumpy about this tour and then we get a clip of Stockholm Syndrome! Argh, DO WANT! But sadly can't, as I have no one to accompany me (I won't travel alone, it doesn't agree with my Asperger's).
  4. Didn't expect The 2nd Law to lead this poll. I still don't understand why Simulation Theory is liked so much.
  5. Had to reset my password, but I'm finally back! \o/
  6. I had to look that up. Now I'm amused. XD

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