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    I came here because of the treasure hunt (before it I was more of a casual fan) and didn't expect to stay, because I prefer LJ to message boards and band fandoms feel a bit weirder to me than TV show fandoms. Also somewhat bitchier. But fandom is fandom - it's interesting and so much fun, so I stayed.
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    2010.09.11 London, Wembley fucking Stadium <3
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  1. Sexy plaaaane! Shame I can't do these live (though on the other hand it's nice to have normal bedtimes). That stage is a bit dick-shaped, hahaha. Holy shit, a new B-side?! Pray sounds pretty. WTF were they thinking smooshing all the good stuff into a medley?! And right before KoC - brutal! That would be 15 minutes of nonstop action for me. x_x Hey, no insulting KoC! It's the funnest live song ever with 2 minutes of jumping at the end. ❤️
  2. I'm friends with some international Musers, but no Germans. But at least my sister should come back from Australia next year, so I'll have my best gig buddy back.
  3. I was all grumpy about this tour and then we get a clip of Stockholm Syndrome! Argh, DO WANT! But sadly can't, as I have no one to accompany me (I won't travel alone, it doesn't agree with my Asperger's).
  4. Didn't expect The 2nd Law to lead this poll. I still don't understand why Simulation Theory is liked so much.
  5. Had to reset my password, but I'm finally back! \o/
  6. Ah, thank you! I was reminded of that song, but I absolutely wouldn't have been able to name it.
  7. I think the dislike of certain songs is intensified by the accumulation of these songs. I can't speak for others, but the more bad songs we get, the more frustrated (and even distressed*) I get. * Probably because the early stuff helped me with my issues and now that the "music medication" doesn't work anymore I'm wondering what's the fucking point in even still taking it.
  8. I don't think it has anything to do with recording devices. They actually played it that beefy, I still remember that the vibrations made the tip of my nose itch. That bass was too much for my otherwise quite good camera to handle. Edit: Okay that sounds weird, I should probably clear up that "it has nothing to do with recording devices, but it doesn't sound as bassy on my video". My camera really was overwhelmed by the bass. , as soon as the really low sounds start, the volume drops.
  9. I'm thinking that the sooner you explain a problem, the un-harsher it comes out and the more sympathy you get. Meaning, it wouldn't turn into a war.
  10. Goddammit, that's sweet and I hate you. Not really, just a tiny a bit. You're trying to take my grumpiness away from me, when I think my feeing is justified. I mean, Matt could have just said how he feels earlier! Like, Matt, don't get bitchy with me - how was I supposed sympathize, when you don't let us know your feelings?!
  11. Oh, so that's why "final solution" isn't mention with the appropriate seriousness . And I still wouldn't put it past Trump to do something like that. After all he's showing clear dictatorial tendencies and praised Duterte for killing drug users. In one way I understand what Matt means, generally life with its chores and whatnot goes on, and a different administration doesn't make that much of a difference. On the other hand it's ignorant as hell. Just because something doesn't affect you, doesn't mean that nobody is affected, dammit! Now how do we help Matt get his head out of his ass? I know, right?! But I'm trying really hard not to get my hopes up, just in case.
  12. It's not harmonies or chanting. Unfortunately I'm too musically illiterate to describe what exactly I mean. There's something in the sound that I associate with Queen, but maybe it's just something generally 80s. Something Muse has started employing from The Resistance on. I liked it the first time I heard it, but then he sang it over and over again and I became annoyed.
  13. Whyyyy? How am I supposed afford and plan for a trip that's just one week away?!
  14. Although I listened to the song on YouTube, I couldn't be bothered to pay attention to the video. Actually not even the audio was worth my attention. I still don't like this sort of Queen-wannabe style. The song is so repetetive, doesn't go anywhere, feels pointless and forgettable. *sigh* What are the chances he didn't even know what he wrote there? Wow, that interview made me grumpy. I can't believed Matt replaced the theremin. What a shame. And the verse was heavier! He has weird ideas of what makes songs great and no idea about what fans like. "If anything, what we're going to wind up with here is an album where all the songs are going to be better." and "I think it'll be our greatest album in terms of the quality of individual songs." And regarding gigs: Can't they just be all about the music like they used to?!
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