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I posted "@musewire would really like to hear some older songs played on this tour. and not just MM or Showbiz so #playescapelive plz"


I hope its alright:p


I said

"I agree with Chris, you should #playescapelive @musewire"

and then copied everyone else with

"And I want a headbanging Chris bobblehead, that would be awesome. :D#wewantmusebobbleheads"

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We're going with escape because it's the only likely choice.


Chris wants to play it more.


Sunburn has been overplayed, they've retired Muscle Museum, Showbiz and Unintended already had their comebacks, and Matt can't sing Cave any more.


So Escape is the only logical choice.


Why not.

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Oh yeah, they played MM only a handfull of times in the BHaR tour, only once in 2007...and then no more. It's retired.


Excuse me for a moment.



Aw, that's uber sad, I love that song. Garr. I'm too late to the parade :facepalm:

Anyway despite that I would love to hear Escape live as I also love that song. :happy:

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:awesome: Just how emotional Matt gets in that video.


I love Escape! its still genuinely my favourite Muse song.


Im going to see them on the 13th at the 02, and if its played, I think I'll die :p


Lets get it back!


EDIT: And Chris's 'oohs' and that awesome bass riff!!

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