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  1. http://www.amazon.co.uk/shops/AOSN6GPOR3DST I'd like to just shamelessly post a link to my amazon shop, which has a lot of items which may be of interest to yourselves. If any of you fancy making offers for any of the items I am willing to lower prices (to an extent) for people on here, otherwise I'll keep my prices as they are on the amazon shop, which relate to other peoples prices. So if you have any questions or enquirys if you pm myself on here or ask me a question on amazon, and mention that you seen this on here. I don't check this site that often so if you do contact me, be patient I'll get back to you eventually.
  2. Oh, and to add to that... I have the absolution singles box set, I haven't listed it on amazon yet, however I will do. But with this I thought I'd put the offer on here first.... So I guess pm me your offers, and we can discuss it from there. If it is a wanted thing. Thanks again Judderman.
  3. HELLO THERE, I used to post on this forum quite a lot, and I thought I would come back here to effectively advertise the items that I am selling on Amazon - as they may be of interest to YOU, seen as they are mostly muse items. HERE IS A LINK. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aag/main/ref=aag_d_sh?ie=UTF8&isAmazonFulfilled=0&marketplaceID=A1F83G8C2ARO7P&isCBA=&asin=B000HOMDDG&seller=AOSN6GPOR3DST Please feel free to spend your money. Thankyou kindly Judderman.
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  5. Ooh that's good, nice and early. Still I'd be wary about relying on public transport. Alot of people I know who have been to gigs here say that the transport is terribly packed. So just end up walking with the crowds.
  6. To those getting a train jus past 11, that's very optimistic. The cricket ground is a good half hour walk from town. And all trams and public transport gets full very quickly. Tbh you will be lucky to get out of the ground by 11:30 if curfew is 11. Which I presume it is.
  7. There's a metrolink opposite deansgate station, go across the bridge when leaving the station. Oxford road doesn't have a tram stop. Get off train at deansgate, walk across bridge get on tram heading towards altrincham for 3 stops. Get off at old Trafford. Yay I didn't buy a ticket, because I thought I'd probably be able to work. And that's worked, I am workin this gig! Woo! Money + enjoyment = win.
  8. I dont think muse or their management really care, as theyv already received payment for the ticket....
  9. so you can. thats new. yo. expensive for a day ticket though....
  10. nothing other than festival tickets. no day passes or anything. you dont have to stay in the festival area, but id suggest it the atmosphere is incredible. its an 8 day festival. and its incredible.
  11. Roskilde is one of the best festivalsvin the world, and muse playing makes it all the better, i cant afford it this next year i dont think. But would love to be there as iv seen muse there in 2007 and it was and still is the best muse gig ive been to.
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