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  1. I'll have a '69 les paul to play with all summer and I want a strat because I have haven't had one in 5/6 years basically. and I want a fucking 2012 standard tea burst, dammit, and a les paul studio in fire burst with gold hardware FUCK Really want a 60's style strat and Fenders re-issues cost a bomb, those squiers look very nice, in fact a Squier was my first ever guitar and many people commented that it was very nice to play, I never noticed as it was the only thing I had. I've been listening to too much frusciante recently.
  2. I've never been too worried, if its a dud its a dud if its a gem its a gem. I really wish i could go somewhere and play like 100 of them
  3. Fuck I want a strat. So many to buy, at so many prices, any strat guys recommend a minimum budget for a decent fender strat? inb4 £1500
  4. He'll fuck up his voice if he sang them every night. Plus his voice was terrible after recording The Resistance.
  5. dear god, i hope I didn't use to play like that.
  6. But that is horribly unlikely since they signed a contract for more material with Warner, ANDDDD with BHAR selling the way it did they'd have guns put to their heads if they didn't write another album. But if anyone remembers the vote for setlists that appeared this time last year, we didn't get ANYTHING we voted for. Oxegen would have had Fury, Dead Star and Assassin if they actually paid attention to the results.
  7. Well considering every major rock band released a new album within months of either side of TR it's quite obvious that no matter who was producing it every single album was super-polished and mainstream sounding. From Biffy to Green Day to Muse. Probably something to do with the fact that Kings of Leon basically became ''biggest rock act'' (sadly) overnight with their attempt at it and all the labels followed suit. It was an OK album but if I hear sex on fire again I will hang myself. But the truth is in the sales, and kings of leon are doing pretty damn well, or at least did with that album. So whatever landmark rock albums comes out in the next year, it will greatly affect what comes out for the next 3 or 4. Sucks.\ He moulded them together like no-one did before and got them working as one entity rather than a mediocre rhythm section and a whiney guy in a space suit noodling his guitar. My vote is for Alan Moulder
  8. Maybe because that wasn't exactly written by him, BnH solo is just an rip of Rach. Could have been played 50 years ago and nobody would bat an eyelid.
  9. Well firstly he needs to reappear from his rear end, he's been up there a bit too long, just Like yorke did in their early days. Really, Grammy for muse? The Grammies, awarding crap popstars awards since 1958. Step in the wrong direction and I said years ago muse have gone for the mainstream rock hipsters when they get their first grammy award.
  10. Cool and all, but 18 mins into which note he can hit? Or at least, at some point in the last 12 years, could hit. It varies from day to day no doubt anyway and he doesn't seem like he wants to try it anymore, for obvious reasons, gotta keep yourself fresh for the commercial value.
  11. The sad thing is these sorts of comments around here are serious.
  12. Well, someone would argue that the Nobel Peace Prize is, consideing you're required to contribute to the human race for it
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