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  1. Thanks for the offer, but tempting though it is, I can't afford to buy any more tickets atm, even if they're cheaper than the official price. :( Good luck with getting GA! :) I must say I'm getting pretty psyched now that I see they're playing songs like Hyper Music. :p

  2. Oh so you changed from Sydney? Nice! Just the first night for me unfortunately, wish I was going to the second instead. I'm not sure what time I'll queue yet, I would love to try for front row but I think I may stick back a bit, since I've heard it's pretty rough at the front and I don't think my girlfriend would enjoy that. So did you get GA for one/both of the Melb gigs? If so, I guess you are queuing really early again? Sorry for the late reply, I've not been particularly active on the forum for a while.

  3. I'd love to but I can't really afford it - I'd possibly do it next time though. How early are you planning to wait in the queue?

  4. Hey, yeah I did, I managed to get GA for the first time in any concert which I'm pretty stoked about. I forgot about the whole 2nd night part though... :/ luckily they tend to be more fair in Australia (Brisbane last tour excepted :p). Did you get GA in Sydney?

  5. Hope you had/are having a good time away then. :)

    I had plans but they didn't work out so in the end I just stayed home with my family and watched Saving Private Ryan, and Iooked at the (apparently non-existent) fireworks in my area. :p

  6. Thanks, same to you. :happy:

    Are you going away or something?

  7. If that would mean a much more career-spanning setlist then I would as well - although spectacle is definitely a key element of Muse's show so if both are possible then I'd take that. Hopefully you get CE sometime as it really is brilliant live, although it ended too quickly if you ask me. :p Bliss and B&H definitely would have been something I'd have liked to see as well. You must be saving a lot of money by then? :p I would like to see 2, but I'm not sure whether I'll end up doing it or not, especially since there's essentially little difference between the two nights. Although I did regret it last time as well lol so I'll see...

  8. Lucky - I intended to bring binoculars (and glasses since I'm a bit short-sighted) but forgot both of them. :p Agreed, Muse were definitely much more of a rock-orientated set, although I still found it impossible to stay still to Radiohead's music (especially Planet Telex). I find it hard to compare as well, but I would agree that Radiohead are slightly better; although Muse played songs like Citizen Erased and Sunburn at my gig (which definitely elevated them in my opinion) there are too many bland overplayed singles that are at each gig, at the expense of some of their best material. If they fixed their setlists, then who knows. Interestingly though, although Radiohead's lighting was a much more subtle set-up (well comparatively subtle anyway :p), I think it's pretty much equal with Muse's, even if Muse's is much more of a spectacle. Would you agree with that?

  9. I was in the very last row to a right section of the stage (which meant I just climbed through the window into the corporate box and down the lift at the end; convenient :p), so I couldn't see the band members very well but the lighting was still spectacular and the sound quality surprisingly did not seem to suffer at all. I would have loved Climbing Up the Walls, but I'm not complaining. I'm actually listening to a clip of Reckoner someone took right now and wishing I was there again haha. How would you compare them to Muse?

  10. Yes I did, it was amazing. :happy: I saw them on the second night - Exit Music and How to Disappear Completely were simply brilliant, although your setlist looked good as well. What seating did you get?

  11. Yeah true haha, the Radiohead thread's usually the extent of our overlap. And that's good to know as I think I mainly just rehash the same posts about Muse and other bands. :LOL:


    Oh so why the move, different campus or something? And what are you studying again? (I've probably seen in the uni thread but I don't remember)

    Well I just finished school forever except for exams, so I'm similarly freaking out over the next two weeks, but over them. :indiff: But then I see Radiohead two days after my last one so it's all good. :happy:

  12. Haha certainly random, is it sad I assumed before I saw it that the post on my profile would be a spam message?

    What's up? I don't think I've ever had a proper conversation with you.

  13. Haha no same here, what I do every year basically. :p

  14. Cheers, same to you :)

    Got any plans to celebrate?

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