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Found 2 results

  1. Who likes Escape from the first album? I absolutely love it, especially the live version from Bizarre '99 http://youtube.com/watch?v=ah15AKIIMfw I was reading through musewiki (as you do ) and stumbled across the possible interpretations of this song: 1. About a man who is questioning himself about his actions to his loved one which may caused her to leave him and bring depression to the man. In the end, he now believes his life is meaningless and insignificance and there's no one that can change his view on it. He then now chooses to Escape his life by killing himself. 2. Possibly a song about the divorce of Bellamy's parents. The line "Why can't you just love her?" could be Bellamy begging his dad to stay with his mom. "But I'll still take all the blame" could be a reference to how children feel it is their fault when their parents get divorced. Does anyone else agree with any of these? Or do you have you own interpretation? To me, this is probably the most raw, emotional performance I've ever seen, and on another note, after going through some of their older EP's & B-sides, I'm beginning to see how different it is to their new BHAR stuff - which I now understand why some weren't too happy with BHAR Thoughts?
  2. I’m sure it’s a fair comment that most Muse fans want to hear some of Muse’s older songs played live. A few years ago I started a small campaign to try get Escape played on the BH&R tour. Alas, it was not to be… It became clear when we did Muse Questions that the band were never aware of our Escape love… Rubbish! It’s my favourite. So Chris… WE WANT TO HEAR IT LIVE! Niall and I have decided to start a project to try get Escape onto the Resistance setlist and we need your help! The Plan Simply, Twitter. We plan of trending the topic #playescapelive @muse. Please don’t spam Muse’s twitter as they’re bound to not like it but write twitters such as “@muse I really want you to #playescapelive on the new tour!” OR “Escape if my favourite song so please #playescapelive @muse”. You get the idea! Just keep it on topic! The best time to do this is when there is a twitter from muse… Even though the tour is not for a few months the time to do this is now as they have just started rehearsals for the tour! So please, get twittering… Let’s try keep this topic trending. Secondly, there are many other things you can do to get the message out there – Get as many people as you can involved! Change your sigs/avatars. Make use of the old Escape Smilies. Post your love for Escape in this thread (and we’ll send the link to Sam and Kirk). You can find me (@Gembles) and Niall (@spaceerased) on twitter as we’ll be keeping the ball rolling with the trending of #playescapelive. It’d be great if we could really get the message through that we’d love to hear Escape live. I’m sure it would make Chris very happy and well, it’d just be awesome. Get twittering! AND - check this out and sign it http://twitition.com/t3ogn
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