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    The first 4 studio albums on iTunes and then burned to CD's, HAARP, and Hullabaloo(But still searching for DVD). The Resistance and The 2nd Law CD+DVD.
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  1. This sounds promising. I've been holding out on preordering until I hear this one. And that Brandon Flowers track has already leaked (it's good!): http://consequenceofsound.net/2015/03/brandon-flowers-debuts-new-singles-cant-deny-my-love-listen/
  2. My phone died about 2 hours into school so I didn't find out until I got home! SO PUMPED. And the VIP packages have me intrigued... I'd get to meet them, right?
  3. My thoughts: I love it. It's wonderfully catchy. Lyrically, it's probably the least cheesy love song Matt has ever written, imo. It's better the UD and GL by a landslide. Ranking: Unsustainable > Madness > Survival (These will probably change daily, and I love Survival) These three songs are already more interesting than all of The Resistance (which I haven't listened to in probably 4 or 5 months), maybe minus Exo. I can't wait for this album!
  4. I ordered the CD/DVD version of The Resistance from .mu and still got the "Join the Resistance" (or whatever they were called) videos. You just had to order a version through .mu
  5. I just got a promotion at work, so I'll be ordering the box set to celebrate
  6. I seriously hope that's not the only option we have, or else I'm gonna have to import to get the CD/DVD version...
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