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  1. Can’t tell anything much about the song from the clip, but the sound (off beat snare/click, the more tribal percussion and synthy swell) feels like it could be interesting though.
  2. Don’t want to get ahead of myself, but this sounds more promising than some of the promo description we’ve been given for previous albums. Sounds like the album will end up like an 80’s vibe, Isolated System styled BHaR. I’m up for that. EDIT: Hoping they’ve gotten past the simpler structure idea for at least 3-4 tracks. I got the impression from the interview that a couple are non-generic but might be reading too much into it.
  3. I thought it odd, but Greg James referenced his reading of the presser and defo said November dnd album. Odd that Muse would do that but wwe’re over a month down the line from the original release interviews, many which were pre-recorded. New presser for the song’s inclusion on the bbc playlist but a badly highlighted embargo?
  4. Cheers man, thanks for your feedback - I guess with the band there's like a group of shared influences, and then our drummer is into bands like Tool, Rush, Perfect Circle, our guitarist likes The Joy Formidable, Foos and also drums in a heavier Math two-piece and I like my Enter Shikari, Radiohead, synthier/electronic rock stuff. I play bass and sing
  5. We've just released the first track from our debut album, which is out next Friday. What do people think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gw5T0GzjlgA
  6. I'd love a DVD of unseen writing/recording footage from that era.
  7. Use a Zoom B2.1U bass pedal at the moment, but looking to experiment/try out some different pedals, find something to enhance my clean sound but also want to see about some variety in terms of distortion, fuzz and synth sounds. Any pedal recommendations?
  8. We're putting 30 second teasers out to preview our debut album. We've released 7 teaser tracks so far, what do you guys think?
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