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  1. awwwwwwwwww yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhh ... I knew they wouldnt abandon us!
  2. Ohai PMT girls... I need you guys to help me win a bet Please post the sexiest Matt pic with red hair you can find ASAP! My friend is under the impression that Gerard Way looks better with red hair lets prove her wrong


    Did I enjoy it? DID I ENJOY IT? What sort of question is that! THEY PLAYED BLISS AHHHHHHHHH! AND MY FIRST PERFORMANCE OF SS! I was about five people away from barrier, on the rightish side. We could see Chris and Dom clear as a bell, Matt most of the time. Lucky you! Did you get photos?


    Hmmmm... you'd be best to watch the rest of the series, but its not essential. Its just because the next 'queen' is usually introduced as the other is beheaded, so if you want to fully understand it would be better to watch it all.

  4. For what its worth I thought they looked really happy as they left And I suppose the concert is targeted to the live audience, not the fans following youtube and reviews on the interwebz. So of course its the show is better suited to and recieved by the target audience.
  5. BLISS! BLISS! BLISS! I was not expecting it at all... When it started I just about died with utter excitment and pleasure! The show was just mindblowingly awesome! agitated, HOTRS riff, rage riffs, light up drums for UD, guitar smashing, Bliss Balloons!! *hyperventilates* Everything I thought a Muse concert should be ... I am very besotted at the moment


    BLISS! They played bliss *happy dance* :awesome: I loved it so much! Where abouts were you in the crowd? We were bascially centre with just a couple of people between the us and the barrier! :awesome: Did you enjoy it??


    btw with the tudors, im up to season 2 episode 8... and I saw the preview and i kinda have no inclination to continue to see Anne betrayed and beheaded... but seeing as you say such great things about the show :p ... I was wondering would everything still make sense if I just skipped to season 3??


  7. I was at the beach yesterday and kept looking out for them ... then i came home and checked twitter and saw they were at the cricket... i was so close! We drove past the cricket stadium! What time are you guys thinking of getting there?
  8. Well best of luck for your accounting exam as well! Sure you'll do alright. :D Mine start end of this week, but I should be ok.

    My whole family watches the Tudors! What season are you up to? It is rather depressing, but that is how women were treated in those days, so its just recounting history. Definitely watch until the end of the series- it's worth it,

    I actually went and saw it twice (totally not a Doyle fan here :shifty:)... I'm a massive fan of Guy Ritchie's, so I thought it was awesome. Agree on it being a different take completely- which do you prefer, the movie's or the TV series'?

  9. Agh! Exams! I know, I had my frist one today :S but it was the easiest so im pretty sure I went okay. I have a freakin accounting exam (a subject i simply was not built for :p) next monday and im sure i'll have to repeat that unit! eeekk. Haha anyway Good Luck for your exams!! Or have you finished now? :) Ive been watching the Tudors... haha but I just end up getting so angry at the show :p They treat women SO badly and basciallly all the women are heartbroken, cheated on or about to be executed :( hehe so its getting kinda depressing... im not sure if I'll finish it. Speaking of Sherlock ... what did you think of the Robert Downey Jr movie? Completly different angle but I still enjoyed it :) hope your well xx

  10. Its still good to see your face around though dearie. ;) Better sometimes than not at all.

    I'm good, getting ready for this year's exams. :dance: Fun, fun, fun.

    Hehe, I'm finishing off the books now and it does tend to make you laugh when you read all the 19th century language (although I love Doyle's wording to bits, god bless him :LOL:) and watching the adaptation at the same time is fantastic. Can't wait for next series! :awesome:

    Besides the usual contenders, not really! Been watching heaps of movies though. How about you?

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