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  1. Those of you looking for tickets on Twickets, download the app and sign up to alerts. But you have to pounce quick to get them. (There have been 7 tickets on there so far)
  2. I went to this venue for Muse in 2012. Security told early queuers to go to one door (to the left as you look at the venue). The queue built up here all day. Some people decided to wait at the outside door on the opposite side (to the right as you look at the venue)because they said it was always opened. Most people were still being directed to the first door, even right up until just before the doors opened. You can go "inside" part of the venue to use the loo etc while queuing and there was also a door in there which very late in the day had a couple of people queuing. They said there was also a door on the opposite side "inside". Both of these went to the garage? So that's 4 entrances. There were barriers set up outside to filter the queues there. The first door was probably the last to open. It was a right mess up. Can't say about the cloakroom as kept everything with me. Of course this could all be different now but forewarned is forearmed
  3. Oh I haven't seen that - let me check. Have now replied :-)
  4. I have two GA tickets for sale because some friends cannot come They are Will Call so have to be collected on the day which will mean that you must meet me at the venue. You can pay on the day but if we agree to meet, you must be there at the correct time which will be before the doors open Face value - let me just check how much that was in euros. They were 63 euros each (face value + the booking fees) so two tickets would be £126 euros.
  5. Isn't that the date of the Hurricane festival? It was mentioned somewhere in a discussion about the possibility of a gig in Bremen. Edit: that doesn't mean that Muse are playing it! Was just (excuse the pun) musing.
  6. I am just imagining how hard that lecture would be to follow
  7. Why is Matt going to be in Dublin? (I don't keep up with much general news)
  8. Might be an idea to remove your links to that site? The gig hasn't even been officially announced yet so it's unlikely to be a reliable source to buy tickets.
  9. It can work with one ticket per order. Nothing to stop you going together except you have to get your own ticket. I don't recall Muse ever doing a one ticket per person thing though. Normally they are pairs.
  10. Tickets should be one per person and named and cancellable if it turns out you can't go. That is the only way to prevent ticket touts. As soon as you give someone the capacity to buy spare tickets, there is the potential for re-sales. One ticket per person can mean difficulties getting tickets but I'd rather know that I didn't get one because people who genuinely wanted to go had got one. As for selection - obviously only board members who joined pre 2004 should be selected
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