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  1. Hey guys, "The Butcher, The Baker, no Candlestick Maker" with Muse - Animals A group of film makers have made a video for 'Animals' as part of a competition. It's pretty damn awesome! These guys are good friends with my sister, so I'd really appreciate it if you could like it on the website! Take a look! x
  2. Last night was the 26th time I've seen Muse in over 10 years.... And it was one of the best performances I have EVER seen. Absolutly fantastic!!!!
  3. Not gonna lie - I'm REALLY BLOODY EXCITED!
  4. Just give them Showbiz, if they don't like it they're not worthy of being a Muse fan!
  5. THANKS! Next Chellenge i need a photo of Dom in his scubba suit where he is stood up and you have to be able to see it well! Also, a photo of all three of the band collecting/or with an award.... not the comedy ones with Kirk but the proper 3
  6. could someone really quickly find me the photo of Dom in his scubba suit - he's sat being the drums and he has some kind of helmet on his head - like either a diving or space helmet. Thankies!
  7. Showbiz - Muscle Museum Origin - Microcuts Absolution - Apocolypse Please BH&R - Knights of Cydonia The Resistance - Unnatual Selection That was much harder than I thought.
  8. This is just the music. Lets not even get me started on photographing my merch
  9. If you have the time to search other websites, it's amazing and you can get some right steals! I'd say only about 60% of my collection is off ebay.
  10. I've bought every Muse vinyl pretty much - and I gave them all away to someone special over a period of time. I used to find them in shops for 99p and stuff. Why oh why did I not buy them for myself too? I'm finding myself on ebay contemplating spending a fortune. FFS Gem. I finally brought my Muse collection from my parents house to my flat. I might photograph it for you if you're lucky.
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