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I’m sure it’s a fair comment that most Muse fans want to hear some of Muse’s older songs played live. A few years ago I started a small campaign to try get Escape played on the BH&R tour. Alas, it was not to be… It became clear when we did Muse Questions that the band were never aware of our Escape love…


Tell us a song that you really love, but you think is underrated by the fans.


Submitted by purpleasure


I really liked Escape from the first album. It's not a track that we ever really played much live and not a track that I've ever heard anyone say it was their favourite. Shame. Chris.


Rubbish! It’s my favourite. So Chris… WE WANT TO HEAR IT LIVE!


Niall and I have decided to start a project to try get Escape onto the Resistance setlist and we need your help!


The Plan

Simply, Twitter. We plan of trending the topic #playescapelive @muse. Please don’t spam Muse’s twitter as they’re bound to not like it but write twitters such as “@muse I really want you to #playescapelive on the new tour!” OR “Escape if my favourite song so please #playescapelive @muse”. You get the idea! Just keep it on topic! The best time to do this is when there is a twitter from muse…

Even though the tour is not for a few months the time to do this is now as they have just started rehearsals for the tour! So please, get twittering… Let’s try keep this topic trending.


Secondly, there are many other things you can do to get the message out there –

Get as many people as you can involved!

Change your sigs/avatars.

Make use of the old Escape Smilies.

Post your love for Escape in this thread (and we’ll send the link to Sam and Kirk).


You can find me (@Gembles) and Niall (@spaceerased) on twitter as we’ll be keeping the ball rolling with the trending of #playescapelive.


It’d be great if we could really get the message through that we’d love to hear Escape live. I’m sure it would make Chris very happy and well, it’d just be awesome.

Get twittering!




AND - check this out and sign it http://twitition.com/t3ogn

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Yeah, please do read all the above through, we would really like to make this happen!


And we can do this, we got three Muse hash tags trending in forty minutes for Project Eurasia. Chris wants it live, the band have spoken about rehearsing old songs, and rehearsals have just begun!


We recommend you particularly do this when the band update musewire to increase the chances of them seeing at, and as stated before, please don't just spam, but tell them that we do indeed want Escape live! Cheers. :)

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We're going with escape because it's the only likely choice.


Chris wants to play it more.


Sunburn has been overplayed, they've retired Muscle Museum, Showbiz and Unintended already had their comebacks, and Matt can't sing Cave any more.


So Escape is the only logical choice.

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For sure? :eek:


Hope they play Showbiz occasionally too...


Good idea though, would be nice to hear an oldie :happy:


I gave up on Hyper Music and Darkshines a long time ago :(


Oh yeah, they played MM only a handfull of times in the BHaR tour, only once in 2007...and then no more. It's retired.

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Oh yeah, they played MM only a handfull of times in the BHaR tour, only once in 2007...and then no more. It's retired.




MM is my favourite out of Showbiz...


But I am happy to get any of the oldies on the setlist so I am happy to join the "play escape" cause


btw is there any way Kev could add one of the escape smilies in the smilies section in the reply so it is easier for all of us to use them in our post?

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Good plan :D


Chris will have to get his double bass back :D


I was hoping for some awesome new electronic version with some Morgana action :D


If someone make one of those emoticons in the form of the current board ones then we could ask kev...

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Why Escape? There are better songs from the first album like Showbiz, Sunburn, Cave,etc.

And they should play Minimum as a riff:LOL:


So it's your own preference that you want to see Escape. I think there are better songs.

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