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Found 6 results

  1. We must win this I think we can do it! Go and vote for our fandom by typing #musers on your tweets!
  2. We can win this award!! All we need to do is post tweets with #musers in them!! http://www.billboard.com/fan-army-bracket/?mobile_redirection=false
  3. Dear All Musers! As you all know Muse will headline the third After-Race Concert on Saturday November 2nd, 2013. in YAS MARINA CIRCUIT GRAND PRIX DU ARENA. http://www.yasisland.ae/en/things-to-do/events-and-activities/new-events/muse-/ If you want your question to be asked to Muse please add twitter @__AlNuaimi__ and post your question there. Your name and question will be Given to Muse and it will be released on a video after 2 days. 3 questions will be asked, so pick your questions wisely! Good luck!
  4. From the MuseWiki, it stated that "Follow Me" is the third single. From Wikipedia, it stated that "Panic Station" is the third single. So, which one is the real one, or it hasn't anounced>
  5. Hi everyone, In the last vew weeks I met allot of #musers on twitter,and I am just curious if you are also here on the Muse forum. Realing hoping to meet you here too My name on twitter is ConnectWithMuse by the way XD
  6. OMG I FINK DIS IS DA FIRST MEWS TOPIC I HAS MADE IN ABOUT ELEVENTYFIVE YEARS OMG!!11! I was really surprised that I didn't see a topic about this, so I thought I'd make one. Hi. I bet you're all really excited right omg? There is a band called Los Campesinos. Now, I really like Los Camps, their last album was GRATE which is more than I can say for the last Muse album amirite? ololo. Los Camps have a twitter. http://twitter.com/loscampesinos this evening they have done the typical smaller band slates bigger band so everyone can see it. ORIGINAL. The part I have the most beef with though is this tweet, which was later deleted but saved for posterity here because the internets are full of win. http://www.twitlonger.com/show/25cji6 I play WoW and I really effing good at it. So stfu. Anyways, making this topic scares me a little because I know there will be some of you that might want to reply to Los Camps. Obviously, if you want to this is up to you, but if you do please remain polite and articulate. A tweet along these lines "OMG UR WELL SHIT WHO RU ANYWAY TWATS" is letting the side down, and Miss Blee will be well disappointed and that, petals. BTW - My twitter is http://twitter.com/OhBlee and you should follow me because I am made of win and rainbows.
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