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  1. Can't really add much more than has already been said but It was a fantastic set and performance To have The Groove, Bliss, Dead Star, Hyper Music and Fury was just unbelievable. Arrived just after doors open and watched from just in front of the sound desk. Took a few good photos and may try to get some up here later.
  2. Not arriving until doors open, have to off load the kids and can't do until later Still, the venue is small and no matter where you stand you get a good view. Looking forward to my 14th time.
  3. Managed to get tickets this morning. Delighted! It's the fiancées 30th 2 days after so a perfect birthday treat for her Looking forward to my 14th time seeing them.
  4. Yeah, just saw that and thought exactly the same thing. It has certainly been a fair few years. never fail to get sucked into the hype though. Album art looks great (if that is what it is)
  5. Not signed in for years, once again got swept up in all the hype and had to remember the email i signed up with Good to be back and no longer just a Guest. All sounding promising for this album so far, fingers crossed it delivers.
  6. Shotdown

    Glastonbury 2010

    Just home from Glasto. Wonderful weekend. Ok the setlist was pretty standard but the performance was spot on, one of the tighestest/best performances i have seen by them. The cover with The Edge was a nice touch and very well executed, sounded fantastic out in the field and a bit special. Bit of a shame there was no orchestra, but hey, that's Muse for you never listen to anything they say and you are less likely to be disappointed. My 11th time seeing them and my 2 (nearly 3) year old sons first time, he utterly loved it and won't stop singing Uprising & PIB.
  7. In their only defence, a rubbish defence at that and just down to wording, it does say they will 'TRY to play at least one', maybe they should 'try' harder. Not good enough though.
  8. The side of the stage Twitpic from someone on Twitter (xx_newb0rn) http://twitpic.com/1ta4ax Another from DavidSandoz http://twitpic.com/1tadlw Time to search for more.
  9. Just spent ages/hours with this thread watching all the videos and looking at the pictures Like a whole extra gig, brilliant stuff. I was at the Vat House but not hanging round with anyone, was sat in the 'Snug' / inner hole bit next to the door with my fiancée and dad, moaning about the rain
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