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    And digital stuff.
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    14 December 2010, Rod Laver Arena
  1. Well, thankfully they didn't name the song "Break Me Out".
  2. Happy New Year! :party:

  3. I've had trouble deciding, but based on all the feedback I've heard, I think this will be the first Muse DVD I won't get. It sounds like there'd be no compelling reason to watch it more than once, and I don't really want to buy it just for the CD.
  4. Lol, yeah so much for that. Unless they just aren't announcing it until later, but it doesn't seem like it. But I guess playing them at a few festivals is still good.
  5. Thanks for the offer, but tempting though it is, I can't afford to buy any more tickets atm, even if they're cheaper than the official price. :( Good luck with getting GA! :) I must say I'm getting pretty psyched now that I see they're playing songs like Hyper Music. :p

  6. Hey I might be buying 2 GA for second night if I can, if I do are you interested in a seated ticket for second night? I'l sell it to you a bit cheaper, and I'd rather a proper fan on the board go than some random on ebay. It's section 37, it's a pretty good spot really. Map here http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/2x-Muse-Tickets-Melbourne-Saturday-7th-December-/261341885369?pt=AU_Tickets&hash=item3cd930b3b9&_uhb=1

  7. No, couldn't get GA for Melb, would've liked to for the second night though. I'm standing for Sydney though, breaking the budget :p

  8. Oh so you changed from Sydney? Nice! Just the first night for me unfortunately, wish I was going to the second instead. I'm not sure what time I'll queue yet, I would love to try for front row but I think I may stick back a bit, since I've heard it's pretty rough at the front and I don't think my girlfriend would enjoy that. So did you get GA for one/both of the Melb gigs? If so, I guess you are queuing really early again? Sorry for the late reply, I've not been particularly active on the forum for a while.

  9. Hey, I'm going to both Melb gigs, you?

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