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    Radiohead, Coldplay, The National, Arcade Fire, Sigur Ros, Pink Floyd, Jonsi, Nirvana, The Cat Empire, Deep Forest, Ben Folds, Gorillaz, Peter Gabriel, Red Ink, Little Birdy, etc.
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    Black Books, Monty Python's Flying Circus, The Micallef Program/Programme/Pogram, Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation, The Royles, The Simpsons, Futurama, Top Gear, Red Dwarf, Doctor Who (new series), QI, to name a few.
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    Showbiz on Vinyl
    Origin of Symmetry on Vinyl
    Absolution on Vinyl
    Black Holes and Revelations on Vinyl
    The Resistance CD+DVD edition Hullabaloo (CD version) HAARP
    And digital stuff.
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    14 December 2010, Rod Laver Arena

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  1. Happy New Year! :party:

  2. Thanks for the offer, but tempting though it is, I can't afford to buy any more tickets atm, even if they're cheaper than the official price. :( Good luck with getting GA! :) I must say I'm getting pretty psyched now that I see they're playing songs like Hyper Music. :p

  3. Hey I might be buying 2 GA for second night if I can, if I do are you interested in a seated ticket for second night? I'l sell it to you a bit cheaper, and I'd rather a proper fan on the board go than some random on ebay. It's section 37, it's a pretty good spot really. Map here http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/2x-Muse-Tickets-Melbourne-Saturday-7th-December-/261341885369?pt=AU_Tickets&hash=item3cd930b3b9&_uhb=1

  4. No, couldn't get GA for Melb, would've liked to for the second night though. I'm standing for Sydney though, breaking the budget :p

  5. Oh so you changed from Sydney? Nice! Just the first night for me unfortunately, wish I was going to the second instead. I'm not sure what time I'll queue yet, I would love to try for front row but I think I may stick back a bit, since I've heard it's pretty rough at the front and I don't think my girlfriend would enjoy that. So did you get GA for one/both of the Melb gigs? If so, I guess you are queuing really early again? Sorry for the late reply, I've not been particularly active on the forum for a while.

  6. Hey, I'm going to both Melb gigs, you?

  7. Last time me, my sister and mate got their at about 11, or maybe midday. So get there as early as you can really if you want front spot, and bring plenty of food for the entire day, it's a long wait but so worth it. Also Muse don't seem to be as big here any more so you could even get their later but it's hard to know

  8. I'd love to but I can't really afford it - I'd possibly do it next time though. How early are you planning to wait in the queue?

  9. Yeah I got one for Syd. Are you going to do multiple nights?

  10. Hey, yeah I did, I managed to get GA for the first time in any concert which I'm pretty stoked about. I forgot about the whole 2nd night part though... :/ luckily they tend to be more fair in Australia (Brisbane last tour excepted :p). Did you get GA in Sydney?

  11. Hey, did you get a ticket? I got one to Sydney and am hoping for 2nd night announcements. I really want a two-nighter, but if not I'll try and get a ticket to Melbourne.

  12. Thanks.:happy:

    That sounds like it was a great time. I mainly watched the first two seasons of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia that I got for Christmas on New Years.

  13. Hope you had/are having a good time away then. :)

    I had plans but they didn't work out so in the end I just stayed home with my family and watched Saving Private Ryan, and Iooked at the (apparently non-existent) fireworks in my area. :p

  14. You're welcome and thanks.:happy: I'm going away to spend more time with my family this week.

    Any plans for new years?

  15. Thanks, same to you. :happy:

    Are you going away or something?

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