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Propaganda (+ Acoustic)


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Decent verses, the sample is soooo clunky for such a big hook though - the acoustic version makes it really obvious there's nothing else going on musically during those sections.

Something about the acoustic version makes me think of Tusk, that brassy synth tone and bits of the arrangement - more so than Pressure that actually features the same marching band :/


It really doesn't sound like Prince though, a couple of very superficial similarities but that's all.

It is growing on me after the initial wtf..

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They are the tits, I wasn't disagreeing there


What's everyone's take on the acoustic guitar solo? Would you have preferred a distorted Manson MBK1 humbucker tone on there or leave as is?


I love it. Love the amount of slide guitar on the album (TDS Alternate version as well)

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