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  1. Invincible! What a belting night out this was, top draw Muse :)
  2. Was hoping to get this for xmas but noticed its either massively sold out or the price has gone through the roof depending where you look. Anyway, after a lot of indie shop hunting I managed to find it new for £115
  3. O2 priority get a different entrance to GA, makes life much easier.
  4. Prince squeezed his 21 shows into 6-7 weeks, tickets were £31 and it was a different set every night. He played something like 150 songs during the residency, at least once per week he played a completely different deep cuts show at the indigo2 after the main set. It was incredible This'll put Muse on 13ish O2 shows?
  5. It'll be the stadium show with a shorter setlist and a shorter ramp. And that medley. And a bucket list crowd based on their 5 star stadium reviews. Something Human will replace Dig Down. RAH and Lympics is enough for me this cycle (unless twickets is flooded with bargains, then I'm in!)
  6. czuczu

    Ticket prices

    £140 🤣
  7. Arena dates with deeper cuts seems the most obvious money spinner
  8. We were in it for the London show, easy to walk straight for about 30 mins afer GA opened. Don't think anyone knew it was allowed and v little mobile signal so news didn't get round..
  9. Once you're in the gc, you can't cross sides because of the B stage ramp. The entrance may not be obvious, there were a lot of stewards who looked they were blocking it in London but they just let you walk past and you get a wristband on entry. You'll actually be too close to appreciate all the lights etc. We settled for halfway between the stages and a few rows back from ramp to get the best all round view
  10. We've been kettled trying to get out before so we bailed when the harmonica came out.. Bridge 5 to Stratford and DLR to West Ham - got there b4 11 :) Crazy twitter footage of the rush for barrier and everyone ignoring the circle, people were still just strolling into the circle on Chris' side at 5.30 :/
  11. It's textbook Muse album tour, no surprises, you know exactly what you're going to get. Thought the new stuff was better at RAH, the Absolution & BHAR stuff was great though - seriously good The medley is still an elongated tease, should just play 2 of those songs properly and rotate them. Better than Drones but still no hype!
  12. They didnt play Showbiz. They did play Bliss
  13. Also, everyone has a fucking lunchbox! 🤣
  14. Tom Morello was ace Golden Circle was a handy treat too.
  15. Slowly getting shit together for tonight, feels like there is absolutely zero hype for these shows. 😄 Fingers crossed, they'll raise their game for Tom M.
  16. It'll be slow and painful getting out of the stadium due to the crowds but once you're on the tube, just head into town - easy!
  17. Citizen - opening song at a show. Hadn't even heard them until someone else said we should check them out at a festival.
  18. BHAR was the shit new album for ages, too much hand-clapping, electronic stuff and pop nonsense..
  19. Â Paying the price for not having a break between album cycles..
  20. Symmetry Absolution Holes Showbiz Resistance Law Theory Drones I don't understand how the top 3 could be anything else - it's textbook Muse. You can flip Abso & Holes but there's so little fat on those 3 compared to what came after..
  21. Norwegian have always been alright when I've used them. MSG is crazy big, only been to gigs in the round there but it feels much bigger than the O2 despite being similar capacity.
  22. If we're ranking.. Classic 25 August 2001 Pukkelpop - festival set but still a 3 piece 16 June 2007 Wembley Stadium 12 April 2008 Royal Albert Hall 19 August 2017 Shepherds Bush Empire Great 26 August 2006 Reading Festival 21 November 2006 Wembley Arena 13 November 2009 O2 18 February 2013 Shepherds Bush Empire 23 March 2015 Brighton Dome Good 11 September 2010 Wembley Stadium 3 December 2018 Royal Albert Hall Meh 27 October 2012 O2 25 May 2013 Emirates 12 April 2016 O2
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