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  1. Strongly Agree. I would say the same goes for ST, with Algorithm through to BITM being top quality Muse. Not that the second half doesn't have good tunes, but that run is so good. As for Drones, saddens me that Dead Inside, Reapers and Handler will most likely fade away in the next tours. Great songs.
  2. Im betting on the piano being in the backing track.
  3. I actually rather enjoy the chorus, but there's something about the instrumentation of the verses that feels a bit bland to me. Also think it would've been cool to hear some form of duet instead of only going for the sparse vocal hook. A simple but heartfelt song. The chorus feels touching, to me.
  4. I feel very similarly about these two songs. I guess algorithm, TDS and The Void would be my more obvious top picks, but I find myself coming to these so often. Its so fresh and daring. Also catchy. Even the propaganda hook somehow makes perfect sense. Break it to me... I don't even know how you come up with something like that, and its precisely that lightning in a bottle thing that you talk about that draws me so intensely to it. I think my issue with some of TR and T2L (drones flaws were different) was not the shift in direction itself, but that those experiments sounded, at times, like caricatures of a genre or artist. But in these songs (and the greater part of ST), I feel like I hear the band flesh things out in a more personal way. The way songwriting, production and general sense of direction come together is their own. And that's what I love about the record, even if it has its weak points.
  5. Please do. When they first started coming out i thought they were pretty forgetable... But they clearly tie into each other and I wouldn't mind taking a deeper look.
  6. Somehow this album feels very inspiring to me. The overall tone, the ups and downs, the ambitious use of all kinds of sounds and textures, the alternate versions. A piece of work/art that makes me aspire to better things. Its dark and uplifting at the same time. I wasn't expecting that at all from this one. Somehow it all comes together.
  7. The acoustic version is a great take indeed, but the album version takes the cake for me. The strings and pulsating synth towards the end are pure magic.
  8. Would it work as an unregulated submission thing or would it be curated by admins (to avoid obvious Internet things)?
  9. Im on board. This would be good. Not overly complicated, and it would get the job done. Also think it'd be nicer to have it on an independent portal, if we use IG or Twitter it loses the "from the board" aspect of it.
  10. True, the board and reddit are actually very positive. Im refering more to personal experience with groups of people who have been following the band since Absolution/Black Holes.
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