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  1. i’ve moved to reddit, despite a ban already. cannot win with this fan base.

  2. I miss your shitposts

  3. @edleeder on Twitter, my Facebook is more of a private thing - end up removing half the people I add anyways :p If Tumblr counts as a social network: http://itisveryhardtothinkofausername.tumblr.com/

  4. Do you happen to have social media by any chance? I'm trying to stay connected with a handful of the few cool kids around here since many have died off now that the album's out

  5. The world needs you again, Spidey

  6. Hey dude do you have any social media I can follow you on? I wanna keep in touch with the coolest board members :p

  7. Thank ye kindly, you're one of my favorite musers too =) I need to start posting here more...

  8. Nonono don't be dead, you're one of my favourite Musers on here. I'm doing great :D

  9. I'm only dead if u want me to b ;) I've been trying to regain hype/interest by staying away from the boards for a while. How u doin

  10. I think jonisofficiallydead

  11. Can u get fabri back?

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