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  1. I think so, I'd like to hear other theories though I have another version which is Terry not reaching reality, but just ending all the simulations and dying. Darker but cool
  2. Yep, but I'm struggling to see what's the best order to follow the story honestly. I tend to feel it as two main storylines (Matt's and Terry's) in their way of escaping a layered simulation, Inception-like I'd say. Both reaching out the "dark side", which would be the final layer before reaching reality. I think Terry manages to reach it in the Algorithm video, but Matt probably dies in TDS video. But, well, that's just my theory which might be pretty wrong .
  3. My God, The Void acoustic is so, so, sooo good.
  4. Basically this . I'm still trying to see if there's some connection between the lyrics and the video, but can't seem to find it. I was waiting for an explanation at the end, but nope. Maybe they have more videos in mind? Love the BITM one btw. It doesn't add a lot to the whole story, but it's really well done.
  5. Because it's actually good and will defend it forever . Really liked the verses and the pre-chorus progression, and the chrous is pretty powerful. Also, have to love the vocals Matt deliver in the last chorus. I knew it was going to be divisive though
  6. Yeah, I find the idea pretty cool, and it's an opportunity to learn more and do something different than the sites I develop at work. Need a designer though, haven't a clue about making something not painful to everyone's eyes :LOL:
  7. It's my favourite too, with BITM. I find them hilariously fun to listen.
  8. I think I can get some things, but I don't quite get why Blockades video exists
  9. Love this idea, count me in! I really think they made a great job in this album, and it was and still is the band which make me feel more. From love to embarassment :LOL:. But that's not a bad thing, that's what makes me interested and always coming back for their new releases. By the way, I'm not a designer but my work is actually web development, so I'm willing to help with the "independent web" idea.
  10. Verses and specially the pre-chorus are really great and catchy. I find it a really good track honestly. Oddly enough the chorus remind me a lot of a MCR song
  11. Not a big fan of TIRO tbh. The rest of the songs of the album are top notch though. I think that after hearing this album for quite a bit I have a formed opinion (well, formed and hyped, so this will change) about how I'd rate the songs. God tier: Break it to Me, Propaganda, Algorithm, The Void, Pressure, The Dark Side. Pretty good tier: Blockades, Get Up And Fight. Meh tier: Thought Contagion, Something Human. Kill it with fire tier: Dig Down (gospel version is dope though).
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