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  1. To me, it's like one the worst songs on the record along with get up and fight it looks like "Nowadays Muse" attempts to make some "Good Old Muse" but they just can't do it !
  2. We should launch a Big Freeze/Revolt/Get Up And Fight Poll But yeah, basically that's Muse doing Pop Rock nowadays, à la Katy Perry, Taylor Swift or whatever.. Aside from being quite bad, I also think it doesn't really fit with the whole atmosphere of the album, musically speaking. Plus did you notice the similarity of the intro with this ?
  3. To me, it's kind of an upgrade and Princy version of Madness. The PRO-PRO-PRO are like the MA-MA-MA-MA The verse melody is in the same pentatonic style.. Also quite the same singing style as SMBH but more Princy here. Rather different but I like it !
  4. The beat in the bridge kind of ruins the song, which is a shame really because apart from that, this is bijou.. But that's Muse nowadays, always putting some catchy rythms everywhere instead of creating intense and deep atmosphere ! For that reason, the acoustic version is better imho even if the synth sound in the beginning of the regular version does fit really well .. Frustration here !
  5. You can travel by public transport till around midnight. You can reach the centre by tube.
  6. Has someone asked who choose the setlist and how ? I forgot to ask and now I'm late.. Gutted :'(
  7. Hi ! I'd like to swap my 2 standing tickets on 12th March for 2 standing tickets on either 15th or 16th March.. Or 1 standing ticket on 12th March for sale and 1 standing ticket on 12th March to swap with 1 standing ticket on 13th March If anyone interested, PM ! Sorry, seems a bit complicated but it isn't actually Gutted not to be able to attend..
  8. http://www.cidentertainment.com/events/muse-drones-tour/ Everyone is, indeed ^^ Moreover, I can tell you that in Belgium, they allow early entrance to people who bought tickets with a ING bank account.
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