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  1. I really like the remixed CE, looking forward to hearing the rest. I don't think it's meant to replace the originals, but I really like that the drums, guitar, and piano are much more prominent in the new mix. Also it seems they finally added the strings that were originally supposed to be in the song (in the outro section).
  2. I'm late but I did finally get mine over a month after release (despite pre-ordering within an hour of announcement). Even though I had heard most of the Newton Abbot stuff before, I never paid much attention to it because the quality was so bad. But I really enjoyed them on the CD that came with the box set! The songs are still rough around the edges, but the energy is classic Muse. I also wasn't expecting to love the actual book part of the set as much as I did. It was nice to see the band have such positive things to say about their early material, particularly with how much they have tried to distance themselves from their first couple of albums. Overall I'm super pleased with the OoM, I just wish it hadn't taken so long to be shipped to me.
  3. Mine still hasn't shipped. Remind me never to order from the Muse shop ever again.
  4. I ordered from the official shop like maybe an hour after it was announced, and it hasn't even shipped yet 😭 I'm mainly curious about the remasters.
  5. That performance of TV is fucking perfect. I really hope they bring this song over to the US at some point and that I get to see it.
  6. Edit: Nevermind I misread. I like that alternate setlist a lot better, though I would find a way to keep TaB somehow.
  7. I could've sworn Matt implied on instagram or somewhere that they'd play The Void live. Maybe I'm imagining that, but even if I'm not, we know how unreliable Matt can be.
  8. Yeah but now they have a giant robot for Stockholm. Though it'd be better if they played all of SS and then did the rest of the medley as the typical post-song riffage.
  9. Now that I think about it, MotP would fit in really well with the new material. I think the only reason they keep Mercy around is because it has the perfect moment for the confetti cannon, which the crowd usually seems to go crazy over.
  10. I will say that if those rumored rotations are legit, I'm insanely glad I got the setlist that I did instead of the alternative.
  11. I get that, but what can we do at this point? They consistently deflect any criticism of US setlists by claiming that they're just playing what most Americans want to hear. Honestly though I'd be more ok with a greatest hits setlist if they would actually change the order of the songs between tours, just do something to make the tired songs feel fresh. That being said, I've yet to see a bad Muse gig out of the 9 I've been to (probably because I skipped the Drones tour ). But I think your enjoyment of this tour might depend most on how much you liked ST.
  12. Is that the first time they've mentioned that Thought Contagion was originally a piano song? Now I really wish we got to hear that version on the deluxe album.
  13. The title "Pray" instantly made me think of Handmaid's Tale, though I believe that doesn't premiere until June. Would love if it's for The Twilight Zone though, since that's one of my favorite shows of all time. Either way, the song sounds pretty fantastic imo.
  14. Yeah I've pretty much given up hope of Muse giving us comparable setlists to everywhere else in the world. So going in without expecting setlist surprises helped me just enjoy it for the spectacle that it was.
  15. Just got back from the Phoenix show. I had been on a Muse internet blackout to avoid spoilers. Some thoughts: Easily my favorite live production from them, every single song had something visually stunning to look at. Setlist was ok, I would've liked for them to bring back something they hadn't played in years but the length was a real pleasant surprise. I knew there was gonna be a giant robot but I didn't realize just how massive that thing is. I was worried it malfunctioned or something because it was getting near the end of the show and it hadn't made an appearance, and when it finally did during SS, my jaw dropped. I've seen Take a Bow twice now and it's been a highlight both times, that song is so powerful live. And finally all the ST songs were great live! Just missing The Void for me. 9.5/10 would go again.
  16. I skipped the Drones tour because I wasn't impressed with the setlists *or* the stage setup, but this one I'm ridiculously excited for. I've loved all the teasers so far.
  17. Damn, what a setlist for that show too. http://musewiki.org/Nashville_Mercy_Lounge_2004_(gig) I wish I had known about Muse/cared about live music in general back then.
  18. Same. Unrelated but I find it kind of amusing that we can "react" to people's posts now.
  19. Glad we're back! Had to re-upload a profile pic, fix my signature, etc. Not a fan of merging the two accounts because I lost my username of just "Tesseract" but I get why they'd want to merge them. Overall I miss some aspects of the old design (like all the possible info below people's names next to their posts), but hopefully this one will be looking nice before long.
  20. Oh how I wish I could hear Fury live one day. I've literally dreamt about it, haha. And wow I'm glad I'm not part of that mess anymore. I haven't had Facebook for several months and I think I'm better off for it!

  21. Yeah that's pretty lame of them. This is the first tour since my first gig in 2009 that I'll miss, sadly. I just can't justify the price at the moment, especially because the set lists have looked really uninspired. If Webster Hall was the last time I see Muse (hopefully not), then it was a good show to go out on I guess. Is Musers on Facebook still a thing?

  22. Hey there, long time no chat. Just decided to browse the board again for the first time in forever, thought I would say hi. :)

  23. Hey did you ever make that bootleg of the best live versions of every song?

  24. Happy birthday!

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