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  1. I was the one hand in ten thousand! I was on GA barrier and Matt threw his remaining plectrums out at the end from the B stage, and one hit me square in the palm of the hand; it fell on the floor and no one could reach because of the barrier so I screamed "THAT is MINE!!" at the security guard and he picked it up and gave it me back
  2. I forgot to show you this. My first gig souvenir, from Matt
  3. It was bloody terrifying being in it. I was at the front of the crowd coming in at the top of that video, was an absolute nightmare. The actual gig, however, was fucking amazing. As was Tom Morello! Bless the security guards for trying to calm down a moshpit during Killing In The Name. No prizes for guessing which bit they tried it in either. Such fun 😄
  4. Can't use Frank either, Queen have taken that.
  5. It's one of them! But definitely my favourite video. It's a work of crazed genius.

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