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  1. I mainly hear 'Let the Groove In' but also some 'Don't Hold the Wall'
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jKa_0xnTfU&t=6m40s Here it is for you Loadius, skip to 6m40s
  3. I definitely hear two JT songs in the verses of Break It To Me, and that's great because JT makes genuinely good pop. Beyond that, the song is way more RATM influenced than anything.
  4. both albums definitely need a remaster, i'm sure it'd propel both to new heights
  5. It’s higher than anything since BHAR, surprised Ian Cohen was feeling generous. I also can’t disagree with anything he says in this review
  6. would've helped to have more sonic cohesiveness th00 0 o, for real though mashing the high points of T2L and ST together then you get a real BHAR follow up I think it pairs well with BITM
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