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Right then, after some discussion (lol), I'm making this.


Basically, a thread for people to talk about whatever is on their mind to do with Muse at the moment. Yes, a place for people to finally talk/speculate wildly about Album #6 without having to worry about going off on tangents (as long as they're Muse-related tangents) and anything else that you want to discuss with other people, their musical direction, how you miss the old Muse etc etc.


Whatever's current with Muse.

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I wonder if Matt has gotten a haircut yet?


Let's all follow his stylist and any possible local barbers to him on Twitter to find out.


About the Kitara being used live, I doubt it. Maybe Morgan could if it's an important feature of the song.

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The keytar was used live...or 'used' so who's to say the kitari won't be


The keytar was made by Manson though, I assume Matt's contract with them involves him having to use their instruments live. That said, I don't think his current live acoustic guitar is a Manson...


Anyway, like someone said above, there's been nothing to confirm that the Kitari was actually used on the album.

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