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Found 3 results

  1. Right then, after some discussion (lol), I'm making this. Basically, a thread for people to talk about whatever is on their mind to do with Muse at the moment. Yes, a place for people to finally talk/speculate wildly about Album #6 without having to worry about going off on tangents (as long as they're Muse-related tangents) and anything else that you want to discuss with other people, their musical direction, how you miss the old Muse etc etc. Whatever's current with Muse.
  2. Just curious if anyone else in the US participated in this promotion. Not sure if it was just our regional radio doing it. In brief, our DC101 station held a contest for 3 weeks where they offered a special password to text every two hours to be entered into the contest. The winner would be able to invite 6! of his friends to fly to LA, where they would get a separate tour bus to follow the band, get tickets to 5! gigs along the way, get special dressing room at each venue, get press access everywhere, have breakfast with the band during the entire time, plus unlimited catering and food. Sweet deal, i know. It was sponsored by the Warner Brothers and some other company. So we were texting like crazy trying to get this. It ended on November 2nd. So if the winner is someone on the boards, I would like to know how this whole trip goes , live updates and pics would be great. So anyone else participated?
  3. Hello everyone. We're collecting all of the posts regarding order issues and placing them in this thread to ensure that the complaints are not lost and that they can be addressed properly. If you see your post in here and it has been resolved, please let us know that the issue has been resolved. Similarly, if you see your post and it hasn't been resolved, please feel free to update it with current information. Hopefully it's all addressed soon. -Jessica *edit* Customer Service contacts: US orders: us-muse@warnerbrosrecords.com http://muse.warnerbrosrecords.com/contacts/ Canada: support@rhinorecords.ca (613) 228-2029 Japan: https://shop.wmg.jp/contacts Australia: stores@warnermusic.com
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