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    julian // pittsburgh // i play cymbals on a drum line so i know how to kill a man obviously
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    drumming, music, photography, art, movies, shows, idk does anyone even read these
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    muse wow never expected it, arctic monkeys, the strokes, daft punk, primus, justice, vampire weekend, vicky cryer, ratatat, yeah yeah yeahs, kavinsky, musicals [n2n, les mis, newises idek man]
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  1. it doesn't take much tie for me to get to consol and i'd jump there in a heartbeat but my dad who's going with me wON'T GET UP though when we went to cleveland in february we didn't get to the arena till bout 6.30 and actually had decent spots so fingers crossed i guess. if we end up screwed over though i wish you all fun~~
  2. thanks, i definitely knew they weren't expensive like she thought but always good to have reassurance. hopefully we'll be able to get things settled on it tonight
  3. really excited for this, not 100% if we'll be getting tickets but it's an implied yes at the moment which is awesome might be getting seats this time around, had pit in cleveland which i enjoyed but i'm not sure. my dad who went with me to cleveland didn't seem keen on standing for hours in the pit. i was fine with it, but maybe a little bit of that was due to the obsession with the band and excitement of being there but aaanyways... can anyone give me an estimate of how much GA will be going for? i've looked up some gigs, the ones that gave info on ticket prices and websites for the venues all seem to be around the same price (between 50-85 usually - not sure if this was from pre-sale though) but i heard from a relative that they'd be going up and i wasn't sure. i'm hoping not obviously but i'll be unavailable to do pre-sale this week so my mum's helping but she seems to think they're going to be really expensive and that she'd be getting seats so if i could get a ballpark round of that, i'd be really grateful, thanks. even if i do end up getting seats, i still hope to see you all there
  4. it does look nice though, well i think it does. hopefully it'll make up for the writing, dunno if i'm joking about that or not i honestly have no idea if this is any good for a fic we shall see

  5. my lj is under construction i'll link it to you when i post the fic just shhh patience young slightly older one

  6. where the fuck is your lj

  7. I'm going out of Pittsburgh with a GA ticket also, but probably not available to give you a lift, sorry Really excited though, my first muse gig
  8. i had to go to church at 8:30 this morning, help with breakfast for an hour and a half, have class for another hour, then church for ANOTHER HOUR, can't take any more holy shit today.


    but anyways yes tell me.


    edit: i didn't mean to word the holy shit comment like that

  9. orite i'm back i nearly fell in the street but it's all cool


    in fact you could say it's





































    ...ice cold.



    i'm so sorry

  10. well then there you go. now if you'll briefly excuse me i need to go outside in my pajamas pants and walk in the road. out of context i probably sound insane but i've already typed it so eh. he sounds nice though. :happy:

  11. n'aww you got a crush that's adorable. well it's nice that you've told me but honestly i don't why you ask me for advice cos i'm me and i hate everyone around me most times so what the hell would i know about liking people, and extending that further, how the hell would i know anything about them liking me back? i've never had a proper crush on a boy at school, thinking about it. had friends who were boys but that was it really. well, that it is cos my 'friends' now are guys...


    ANYWAYS, i dunno, probably important that you figure out if you actually want to you know...be...with...him, i don't know. if you want to go out with him and he says yeah that great, fantastic, be a badass duo of hotness and whatnot. by the way, what's he like cos now that you've told me i am ~interested~ well not in him you know.


    edit: oh dear lord this message sounds awkward, i'm not good talking about relationships. i write them. well, sometimes i write them. but even then most of those sometimes it ends one of them dies or something so...

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