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    Muse is my favourite but otherwise I love most music, my favourite genre is rock though :)
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    Sherlock, Lost, Doctor Who.
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    All CD's, HAARP and hullabaloo DVD and soundtrack :)
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    Saw them run with the torch - 20/5/12
    Birmingham - 30/10/12
  1. Its about 4 hours to london, costs too much for me when im broke really, may miss the stadiums for a festival next year but ah well I dont mind travelling too much but its just the fact that they always complained about bands not playing here when they were younger but its not really their fault, venues are awful down here. On twitter i believe and then in an interview after the radio 2 concert
  2. They only have audio on the bbc website! Ah well, will catch it tomorrow on red button
  3. Exactly what came into my head when i saw that post, me and my friends were gasping for water and could see some so were shouting for it but got nothing despite only being 5 rows back
  4. When is it available on the red button? Missed the first 45 mins
  5. I thought that two hours was the perfect length, by the end i was taking deep breaths as it was sooo stuffy! But i loved it, got crazy during stockholm and knights (yes it was my first muse gig) was incredible.
  6. It finished at 10.45ish but the last song was survival so quite a few peeps in front of me left early
  7. That guy was so funny I think he may of been the same guy who during isolated system shouted 'come on you tittybiscuits! i could of smoked half an ounce by now' I just got back to devon and can say that was the best gig of my life, got there at half 6 yet ended up only a couple rows from the front in the middle Went on my own but met up with some musers i found on tumblr who were lovely and had a greaat time, hopefuly catch them next year
  8. Have you sold the ticket?!

  9. just arrived at the hotel and got asked by the receptionist if i was here for the concert, i refrained from saying fuck yeah i am
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