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Matt Bellamy: 'I'm trying to convince Richard Branson to let us record in space'


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Muse’s Matt Bellamy has revealed that the band want to record a song in outer space.


The singer claimed that either recording a track or filming a music video in space would be “cool”, and that he had been trying to persuade entrepreneur Richard Branson to give them a free flight with Virgin Galactic when they launch their commercial flight scheme.


As reported by Contactmusic, Bellamy said: “We’re trying to blag a free trip on it [Virgin Galactic]. I’m going to try to convince Richard Branson to let us make a music video or record a song up there. I think that would be cool. Would I be scared? I think I’ll be alright.”

Bellamy also revealed that he had been developing an interest in astronomy after being given a telescope as a gift by fans after a show in Moscow. “The crowd in Moscow were probably the most intense we’ve ever had,” he said. “They were going mental and they bought me a big telescope. It’s a big, real, serious piece.


“I set it up when I got home and looked at the moon. Fucking hell, have you ever looked at the moon through a telescope? It’s all mountains and stuff, it’s unbelievable.”



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Got to Play:

Dead Star

Hyper Music



Stockholm Syndrome


Any other tracks would be great, but these tracks are zero gravity MUSTS :LOL::LOL::LOL:


It will be like a 4 song setlist of


1. Supermassive Black Hole

2. Starlight

3. Bliss

4 Knights of Cydonia


I can sense it

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I predict the setlist to be:




3.New Born

5.Supermassive Black Hole

6.Guiding Light

7.Interlude + Hysteria


9.United States of Eurasia

10.Feeling Good

11.Helsinki Jam

12.Undisclosed Desires


14.Time Is Running Out

15.Stockholm Syndrome


16.Exogenesis: Symphony Part I (Overture)

17.Plug In Baby

18.MwaH + Knights of Cydonia



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