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  1. that's a neat track, I liked what they did there a lot more than I thought I would, for whatever reason

  2. I'd probably say their most recent, which is called IV if I'm not mistaken. Some great tracks on there. Yeah, the only vocals that come close to Bannon's for me are Amenra's, although they're a very different type of intense.


    I'll give you my opinion on the two soon enough! haha

  3. depends, I think so - they're very chaotic though especially in the new stuff, it kinda sounds like a Converge demo in places I'd say, though the vocals aren't as savage.


    Can be nice travelling round pubs for a while, I know there's a fair few here I'm yet to visit. Also I watched The Raid today since I saw you post about it in the film thread, probably going to watch the 2nd one tonight, was impressed with the first.

  4. yeah basically haha, think a few trips to the pub are in order. That band sure have some nice riffs, remind me a bit of early Loma Prieta with the aggressive sounds going into almost twinkly parts.


    You been up to much of late?

  5. it's all good man, just finished some exams & coursework so I'm basking in the short-lived facade of freedom right now


    I'll check out these guys, I like every Irish bands I've listened to I think; it sounds like this will continue the trend

  6. I know what you mean, I really struggle to find anything djent-y that I enjoy a lot outside of meshuggah, a lot of it just sounds too safe and clean for me

  7. yeah, it's one of the heaviest things I've heard in a long time - I've liked everything I've heard of Godflesh but I wasn't expecting it to be anything near the level that this is on

  8. it's ok sammy I enjoyed your messages

  9. ah yeah I'm a big fan, they put on what I think is one of the heaviest live shows I've ever seen, would definitely recommend it if they tour anywhere near at some point

  10. it'd be awesome if they toured with Gojira and Kvelertak, shows with three bands as good as that makes it like going to a mini festival

  11. definitely I think there's around 20 including the Lydia Lunch collab, I don't have some of the singles so there might be a few more
  12. You say Braid, I say Scratch Acid You say Cap'n Jazz, I say Dazzling Killmen You say Death Grips, I say Tackhead You say Sunny Day Real Estate, I say Chrome You say empire! empire!, I say Foetus You say texas is the reason, I say Blind Idiot God You say Miles Davis, I say Eric Dolphy You say Sonic Youth, I say Swell Maps You say American Football, I say U.S. Maple You say Shabazz Palaces, I say Oxbow You say Crystal Castles, I say Suicide You say The Mars Volta, I say Gong You say Boards of Canada, I say Cluster You say Merzbow, I say Nurse With Wound you say The James Blake, I say Yasunao Tone You say Arcade Fire, I say Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 You say Alcest, I say Sexdrome You say The Beatles, I say The Monks You say The Cure, I say Pop Group You say Slowdive, I say Zoogz Rift You say Joy Division, I say 23 Skidoo You say Neil Young and Crazy Horse, I say Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band You say The Smiths, I say Sun City Girls You say Bon Iver, I say Robert Wyatt You say Lana Del Rey, I say Lisa Germano 99% of people are letting kvlt music die! repost if you are in the 1% that still listens to kvlt music
  13. haha oh christ that sounds like one of those things that's so bad it becomes great

  14. can't think of any off the top of my head I don't think, I'll give you a shout if I'm reminded of or come across some because I'm sure there must be more

  15. oh man awesome! contrary to what people on metalsucks seem to be saying there I actually really enjoy the chorus - sits just the right side of cheesy for me. Hope all of their new album is this fun.

  16. I got full marks on all of my SATs but I only listen to Lil Wayne???
  17. nah, In Utero and Bleach were great if a little samey (which is, I assume, what you're getting at) last time I checked Brian Wilson is still around so he's likely still my shout for favourite songwriter
  18. cool that they're pals to an extent I guess have We Are Scientists ever been serious about a single thing they have ever said
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