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  1. This. I really like the falsetto in The Resistance. I have to say Blackout, for the beautiful singing, and City of Delusion and Cave for length of time. I don't sing, but that seems really difficult.
  2. Thank you for converting the audio. That's some creepy cryptic stuff. I'm thinking this because it's kinda too late for it to be a separate release, but that would make the album like $30 at least, which I'm fine with, but yeah. They can release it with the album, but make the bundle optional, and then sell the album separately, but if someone wants the DVD/CD they can buy the bundle. I don't know. It doesn't seem like they will release it before, or at the same time, separately.
  3. It's like, "Matt, how do you play a G major scale?" "Umm, like this, I'll play it at 60 BPM for you first." -Plays scale- "It's too slow!" -Plays scale 170 BPM- I would love to see their reactions to those questions. If I tried to ask Chris that, I would burst out laughing midway.
  4. Today in my Biology class, we were learning about genetics and cross-pollination with flowers. I thought of Exogenesis part 2 right away. I don't know if Matt was actually thinking of cross-pollination when he titled it too.
  5. Yeah, that's true. And yes, I almost forgot about that.
  6. I guess the angsty lyrics can be better than the newer, corny lyrics of love most of the time. Showbiz lyrics don't really make much sense, but you guys explained it well. Thank you. But OoS lyrics are all good for the most part, even though they're angsty. But some of TR lyrics just weren't that deep I guess. "She attacks me like Leo, when my heart is split like Rio." Doesn't make sense to me. Not really OT, but I think it's kinda lame for the lyrics to have the name of a different song, in another song on the same album. Example, "Guiding lightning strike." It's either coincidence, or Matt ran out of ideas? I don't know.
  7. I love all of these. There's a lot of good lyrics in OoS, but I like the last few lyrics in CE just because it's my all-time favorite song as well as favorite Muse song. I realized that after... I was thinking of how I like the intensity of the song itself at the end, not the lyrics.
  8. I love all of these quotes except the one from TR and Hullabaloo. I don't really have a favorite lyric for Hullabaloo, but I do like HCM. And for TR probably one of the lyrics from Exo part 2. Hoodoo, Blackout and Citizen Erased lyrics. <3
  9. He still jumps around in Plug In Baby though, but even then it seems to have lessened. Dom's the most fit one in the band then, but obviously can't move around during the gig. Nils Lofgen used to do backflips, now he's too old for that. It's kinda how it is. But one thing that age doesn't really restrict is the ability to perform better, not just have good, amusing theatrics. I guess singing goes with age, I'm not sure because I'm not a singer, I'm just assuming that. One thing they can do for sure is to increase the length of setlists and vary them more often, a lot more often. While we're on the question, do you guys already think Muse is out of their prime? Like was their 'prime' Absolution era?
  10. Yeah, they are 100% accurate, it's just that you have to level up the song to the point where it's the real thing. In the beginning, it simplifies it so much and skips many notes. There's also no failing. I think it can still be fun for people who have been playing a while. I've only been playing a year and it's really helping me, but some of the songs can be slightly difficult for experienced players I think. There are like 8 mini games that are fun and educational. One where you have to hit the note on the right string to shoot ducks. The others have to do with the following: Playing chords, tremolo, harmonics, slides, scales, etc. The game detects all aspects of techniques too like in the mini games and bends and palm mutes. Yeah, that's true. I'm surprised I never heard about it before I got it for Christmas. It's actually really good. It makes practicing for me much more fun, making me want to practice a lot more than usual. Btw, for all of you guys, it comes with a Gibson Epiphone Junior Model. It's way better than my older guitar.
  11. This. They need to loosen up and have more fun on stage. Although eventually Matt's gonna be too old to do the turns in PIB.
  12. This. I love Fury. I also really like the Small Print. Love Blackout and Falling Away With You, and Butterflies and Hurricanes. I don't see how you can't love Fury. (Granted I like the lyrics more because I'm atheist, that's not the point.)
  13. I was debating whether to make this a new thread, but I just got this really cool, kind of obscure rhythm game for Christmas, called Rocksmith. Basically, it's like rock band pro guitar, but for the whole game and the only option. Anyway, it has a lot of great songs on there, like Plug In Baby and Unnatural Selection. I was so excited when I saw those on there!
  14. Thanks for that list, it was really useful. I might decide to buy better Sennheiser headphones, but I'm satisfied with mine right now. I think ones quality of their headphones has a little to do with ones perspective on the quality of the album.
  15. "Matthew Bellamy is a super-alien from outer space." When he talked about Hullabaloo and HAARP was funny too. The end when he mumbles the rare OoS songs.
  16. Me too, honestly. Imo, I would rank them as follows (not exactly the ones he said): Escape > Coma > Guiding Light = Neutron Star Collison > Execution Commentary.
  17. Dead Star Futurism Showbiz Take A Bow Hoodoo
  18. That was amazing. He did the piano solo beautifully! Does anyone know the stringless guitar kaoss pad thing? This was really good. The piano, as said, could have been stronger, but the intro was definitely better than Muse's.
  19. Songs like Map of The Problematique, Knights of Cydonia, MK Ultra, Butterflies and Hurricanes, and Take A Bow.
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