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  1. You're all thinking into it too much. The lyrics make perfect sense without referring to what you're all referring to. I hadn't even thought about it that way. As if that's the only instance that term is used.
  2. I've never met a robot with feelings.
  3. JT has many good songs, he just has a fair share of some absolutely awful ones too like muse
  4. The jokes have got awful shite on here The beef isn't even beefy So dissapointed
  5. I do hear bits of Pusher Love Girl in it so yeah I take your point
  6. I think BITM would've charted better than any of the other lead singles had it came out first. On the flip side, my expectations for the album would've been much much higher than they were so I'm glad it wasn't the first single.
  7. I dream of a day Muse drop MWAH and also don't use KoC at the end of each gig
  8. Okay I can't resist. Currently: Algorithm - 9/10 The Dark Side - 6/10 Pressure - 7/10 Propaganda - 7/10 Break It To Me - 10/10 Something Human - 7/10 Thought Contagion - 5/10 Get Up and Fight - 5/10 Blockades - 8/10 Dig Down - 6/10 (although Gospel version is a straight 10) The Void - 9/10 Overall very solid. Still upset about the vocals in Propaganda, it could've been a 10
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