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  1. Aside from your gigs in Japan, why was there such a big gap between your last two Asian tours? Last year you were also able to have some gigs in China for the first time, any chance you'll tour the country again in the near future?
  2. Who's at GA for this one? I'm considering swapping my GA for a seat. Been busy with work lately and I'm not sure if I'm up for queuing even on a weekend. I'm still thinking about it but if anyone is interested, pm me.
  3. lol two years too early the Muse Singapore FB page says they're coming to Taiwan next year, but no mention of the source.
  4. No problem! And same, it didn't seem like anyone was going to post here but yay, got a couple of reports. Haven't been on .mu for some months and I still need to catch up with all the posts on Weibo... but it looked like the crowds for Beijing, Shanghai, and HK had lots of energy! Even with the pit seats Hopefully this tour leaves a good impression on the guys so they come back soon. Oh yeah you can watch a video interview here where Dom mentions they couldn't play Uprising or Revolt. Even though Weibo confirmed Uprising was approved!! http://www.scmp.com/lifestyle/music/article/1862282/british-rock-trio-muse-make-welcome-return-hong-kong-explosive-show
  5. Are you gonna make this one, Jess? I tried all week for KROQ passes and ended up lightly rear-ended my coworker's car while listening to the radio Can't queue on a Friday that's close to the holidays so I got seats this time. But will go for pit tickets if they announce weekend gigs! Or maybe just the Saturday.
  6. lols there was a list of approved songs they can play that was posted on China's version of Twitter and it was basically a typical setlist from The 2nd Law Tour in Europe. guess they'll need to get the songs from Drones "approved" as well.
  7. I clicked the play button for a Youtube video on Miss Universe Japan. A Muse ad started playing I wasn't sure if I had left Spotify on or something. Anyway I clicked the ad and it led me to this: http://wmg.jp/muse/pr1505/?utm_source=google_rm&utm_medium=bnr&utm_campaign=museint1506&cid=glbnr_rm_museint1506
  8. Heads up, looks like they'll be playing in Thailand, too. on my birthday
  9. Surely they'll play some songs from Drones...guess they still need to get those approved. A couple of approved rarities (at least for the USA) already. There's definitely potential for an interesting setlist! The song title translations but these aren't as good as the 紅歌 titles that fans on Weibo created a while back
  10. Don't see why people like the lyric videos. I know they're meant to create hype but the simple pan left/right, zoom in/out bother me. Just looks like amateur work. I don't find anything interesting about The Handler video and the band looks awfully boring during the bridge of Psycho's video.
  11. lol wow that really is the IYW riff. Well IYW is one of my favorite songs and I like this, too. so badass.
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