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  1. If you don't know The Armed, you really should know them. Nastiest, best hardcore I've heard this year.

  2. Hey, wee heads-up. Chaos Divine and Byzantine's new albums are cracking :D

  3. Dunno if you are/were into Gallows, but I've been revisiting Grey Britain. Forgot how savage it is.

  4. Possibly because it comes off a bit like Opeth's Heritage in that you're expecting heavy but it doesn't really arrive.

  5. that's a neat track, I liked what they did there a lot more than I thought I would, for whatever reason

  6. I'd probably say their most recent, which is called IV if I'm not mistaken. Some great tracks on there. Yeah, the only vocals that come close to Bannon's for me are Amenra's, although they're a very different type of intense.


    I'll give you my opinion on the two soon enough! haha

  7. Where's a good place to start? I can only think of one or two acts with vocals as savage as Bannon's. The climax of Jane Doe is so wrenching though.


    Both are very good, though I don't know which one I prefer.

  8. depends, I think so - they're very chaotic though especially in the new stuff, it kinda sounds like a Converge demo in places I'd say, though the vocals aren't as savage.


    Can be nice travelling round pubs for a while, I know there's a fair few here I'm yet to visit. Also I watched The Raid today since I saw you post about it in the film thread, probably going to watch the 2nd one tonight, was impressed with the first.

  9. Are Loma Prieta worth a listen?


    A few trips to various pubs, mostly. Went up to Aber for most of the week, did a couple of paddling trips though nothing particularly exciting.

  10. yeah basically haha, think a few trips to the pub are in order. That band sure have some nice riffs, remind me a bit of early Loma Prieta with the aggressive sounds going into almost twinkly parts.


    You been up to much of late?

  11. Good stuff. Time to do drinking?

  12. it's all good man, just finished some exams & coursework so I'm basking in the short-lived facade of freedom right now


    I'll check out these guys, I like every Irish bands I've listened to I think; it sounds like this will continue the trend

  13. Hey dude, how's tricks?


    The ongoing hunt for good djenty acts has come up trumps, found an excellent Irish act today: http://shatteredskies.bandcamp.com/ It's a bit like Textures, they've got the balance almost too right. Almost.

  14. Yeah, it's a bit frustrating. Heard good things about Skyharbour and Intervals, but they were rather disappointing when I heard them. Textures do the clean thing too, but I think their songs are a cut above their peers and they forego most effects on the vocals.


    Might buy some Meshuggah albums soon. Was tempted to ask my grandparents for Destroy Erase Improve just for their reaction :chuckle:

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