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  1. Is anyone else surprised that they're playing in both Nijmegen AND Cologne, seeing as they're relatively close to one another (under two hours by car)? I'd have thought they would do one or the other.
  2. Based on these cities I'm going to have a wild/educated guess at some of the exact locations. Lisbon and Madrid will serve as NOS Alive and Mad Cool, they tend to share headliners. Nijmegen is most definitely Goffertpark, just like the 2009 show. Riga I can see being Positivus Festival Rome, a return to Stadio Olimpico (with San Siro in Milan) UK dates: Olympic Stadium, Old Trafford Cricket Ground, Ashton Gate Olympic Stadium in Moscow Paris possibly a return to the Stade de France As for the rest I'm not entirely sure. What do you guys think?
  3. I asked Muse's house photographer Hans Peter van Velthoven for his five favourite live shots of the year, and he came back with a great selection including Muse at Reading. Read it here: http://www.allthingsloud.com/year-photography-hans-peter-van-velthoven-looks-back-5-favourite-shots-2017/
  4. Headliners tend to get given 1hr15, but none of them actually obey it (apart from Arctic Monkeys, who did play 75 mins). Expect them to still play 1hr45. I can't wait
  5. Just saw this! Nice to see my site getting a mention on the boards
  6. http://www.allthingsloud.com/post/113461488534/the-concept-behind-the-new-muse-record-drones-a Interesting column by Matt Mahurin about the concept behind the artwork.
  7. Is Most Creative Stage Production fucking serious? Both Muse's Arena and Stadium Productions are head and shoulders above the rest. But still, wasn't Bruno Mars's just a big screen? All Bieber seemed to have was a platform on the regular stage (Source: Sister). As for the other two, I've seen that Pink can be ambitious but Taylor Swift also seems to have a downscaled production. The real deserving nominee for that (aside from Muse) should be Avenged Sevenfold's European Arena stage. Just those two. I can't think of any real creative stages aside from that. /newyearsrant
  8. The list of songs I've seen seems far inferior hahaha. Sunburn Nishe New Born x2 Bliss Plug in Baby x2 Citizen Erased Feeling Good Time Is Running Out x2 Stockholm Syndrome Hysteria x2 Take A Bow Starlight x2 Supermassive Black Hole x2 Map of the Problematique Knights of Cydonia x2 Uprising x2 Resistance x2 Undisclosed Desires x2 United States of Eurasia Guiding Light Unnatural Selection MK Ultra Supremacy Madness Panic Station Survival Follow Me Animals Explorers Liquid State Unsustainable Isolated System
  9. Loved hearing Alt J, Maccabees and iLL Manors by Plan B before the Amsterdam show in December
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